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Next Killing Moon Ritual 30 day spell will begin

on the 20th April 2016. To be included 

please contact me or buy through



13th February 2016 - Had more magickal work than attunements over the past week so my days feel weird...less admin and more practical.  And I seem to spend a lot of time reading and writing which is no bad thing!


I've done this week's special offer and will upload the updated website & send out the newsletter in a moment.


Tomorrow's Valentine's Day...my first with Spider.  We've made plans but I won't go into them on here!  I've also had a nice surprise from the Inland Revenue...I always do my tax return online but because of that, I have just trusted their calculations and paid my tax when the bill comes up.  Except this year, I remembered complaining to dad that I had to pay 'on account' halfway through the year and it was annoying because it feels like I'm paying my tax bill twice because I never see a proper statement showing the 'two payments'.  So this year as I completed the tax return in January, I really scrutinised the calculation before I paid it and I was sure I couldn't see any credit on the account being taken off it.  So I emailed them.  And it looks like not only was I right, but I've been paying that way and over paying for a few years.  So I got a nice windfall this month!


It's been a month of windfalls.  I haven't done a prosperity working but I've done some for clients and somehow, they do seem to have a positive effect.  Not just financially, but over all "good luck" - my life's pretty disciplined because I run my own business and that means I have to work to a schedule...which I sort of separate into attunement work, spell work, admin work and personal work...because if you want to make sure you still have time for your hobbies (even when mine cross over a lot with my 'business'...such as working on a new spell...a spell that I may later provide through Maya Magickal), you need to be quite strict with yourself to make sure you don't let things slide.  If I go a few weeks without playing my guitar for example, I'll get blisters when I finally do and it will ruin my enjoyment.  Even really basic stuff is better if scheduled...for example, don't schedule my personal meditation work for AFTER I've had a Starbucks lunch...or if I do, make sure I don't have anything caffeinated!  Once you have the basic routine set out, it's very easy to chop and change bits and to 'allocate' your days off...though my days off are never going to be weekends as Fridays and Saturdays are so important for spell work!  But luckily, my boyfriend's job is similar in that way so weekends don't mean so much to us.


But whenever I'm working a lot of Good Fortune or Prosperity spells, my 'well oiled machine' works like a very well oiled machine and I feel like I have more free time.  Plus the windfalls are always a nice surprise - and I've had a few in the last few weeks that were too significant for me to consider coincidental!


My sister is going to come over next weekend for a bit of a jam (she may come over during the week and at the moment, my diary allows the flexibility for that!), so after my ritual work later, I've got to work on the Lana Del Rey tracks I was practising and a Joan Armatrading one my sister wants us to do!  Before that, I'm going to have a looooooong Lush bath.  Had to order tons more Guardian of the Forest and Frozen bath bombs because they smell the best in my opinion...but a bath bomb makes the water soft enough that I can stay in the bath singing or reading for an hour or more and not get dry skin! 


9th February 2016 - It's been really wild the last few days...so stormy out!  I absolutely love it.  Very cosy in though.  Lots of time with my Teddy Boy and lots of listening to audiobooks (once you get into them, sometimes hours can go by as you walk around from room to room with a bluetooth speaker!  Really love it.


Working on some new Tantric Shamanic Spells....they are my favourites because of their versatility...it allows me to tailor them for more specific purposes for clients which is always enjoyable - working out the best way to work through a problem.  But because they're so heavily choreographed (some are silent but most do include some mantras...and the dance is worked around appropriate symbols...they take longer but are a very intense experience).  The new ones will be developed from working with the Avalonian Trilogy Meditation and the associated symbols, mantras and energy flows (Avalonian Alignment, Star of Avalon Ascension & Avalonian Spectral Activations - www.mayastar.net/aap.htm).  The Avalonian energies are probably the most popular after (Kundalini Reiki and Usui Reiki) and I think it's because they provide a structure that helps develop intuition in a variety of ways, but also because they are so comprehensive and although they form a system of their own, can easily be worked with combined with other energies like Reiki or Kundalini Reiki...but also for those who work with ritual or the Elemental Pentagram system.  The meditation is popular with clients who are taking Divinity Assumption Channellings through Maya Magickal for personal initiation and spiritual development work.  The timing works very well with my ritual opening so it is a good way to prepare for the channelling part of the ritual.


But tonight, doing the basic admin stuff up to date at the moment and later have a Life Path Reading to complete for someone.  That's a long session because I like to complete the reading and type it up in one go so I have to schedule them!  But it's another aspect of my work that I really love but very different to the ritual work and energy healing.


In mundane news...well...not that mundane...I was just going through my social networks and realised about 29000 people follow my pages, newsletter, blogs, IG, Twitter feeds and so on.  It's pretty amazing really...it's tripled in the last 2 and half years...most followers are on FB by far and following the Mayastar Twitter feed or subscribed to the Mayastar/Maya Magickal newsletter...but I know sometimes students find me through LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram - which seems strange but I think just shows how the way we use social media has changed in the last 2 years - massively different since everyone has a smartphone than when most of us had a desktop!  Who has a desktop computer these days?  That seems like an inconvenience - even in my office I have a laptop and sometimes take it off to the bedroom to use...well...not often but where we put the catflap in, I've got one cat that can let himself out but freaks out if he tries to let himself in, and one who meows at the cat flap to be let in and out - so I have to leave it open by a couple of inches and when the temperature's low or it's windy, the draught from it makes the office absolutely freezing! I'm sure they'll work it out in the end!




Killing Moon Karmic Reversal 30 Day Ritual Intensive | With Triple Working Option | Ritual Cycle for this special will begin on the 4th February

This month I am running additional Killing Moon Cycles and this option is being included in the current Mayastar/Maya Magickal Gift Offers. So I'm putting up this information as a blog for those who might be interested in finding out more!

The Killing Moon Karmic Reversal Ritual Intensive is one of the most popular with Mayastar and Maya Magickal and I receive many enquries about this working and the potential uses; it is one of the most comprehensive ritual options I provide so I will tell you a little more about it based on customer enquiries regarding this option. You can find information on the ritual herewww.mayamagickal.net/killingmoon.htm

One of the main areas people ask about is whether this spell would work for any kind of psychic attack; a psychic attack is any kind of directed negative 'assault' (often taking a very draining form) on the astral level. There is a misconception that psychic attack is always deliberate and is always supernatural in origin. In fact, emotional unstable people around us can effect psychic attacks unconsciously or deliberately. The working is very effective in clearing any connections that are formed to you by another's negative choices. Regardless of how they are manifesting them; it is the intention that is key. The spell dissolves or resolves the link that this kind of connection forms rather than attacking the person. So in no sense is it a hex or a curse to be used in retaliation. But it's great for healing yourself of the effects and also provides some protection.

Negative Karmic Bonds as explained above can be formed with people. But we can also form bonds that cause us conflict or disharmony that we fail to consciously release. Such as bad memories or negative habits we have had in the past. In addition, a supernatural component can present in cases where people have been in a bad situation or a negative place emotionally or spiritually...even physically. It can leave one vulnerable to what we call 'hitchers'. Now hitchers come and go. Usually they are a nuisance and they can tend to perpetuate problems because they're lower astral beings. To be clear, these are not demonic in any way - they just resonate with lower energies. They are essentially elemental beings and they are drawn to our negative experiences. Over time they can form a Negative Bond. Usually they come and go throughout our lives. But they can turn a normal situation into a complex one. The Killing Moon addresses this issue too.

The cleansing & healing effect of the Killing Moon is that which is noticed and reported as an unexpected side effect by clients. Of course it makes sense - as the working goes on, you are being 'freed up' from restrictive energies that may be compromising your energy flow. So the harmonising effect of the working shouldn't be under estimated; I would go as far as to recommend it for use as a healing spell because so much of healing has to do with clearing out the rubbish before we work on drawing in the beneficial energies.

In that regard, the spell is also useful in any kind of work where you want to ultimately draw positive energies in. They all work better if you've cleared out the negative ones or any negative influences. Reversal spells are good for this, but the Killing Moon is the most comprehensive solution.

The option for the Triple Working has gained a lot of popularity; particularly for those who have a long standing issue or a problem that's very complex and seems to be affecting more and more areas of their life. Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint how or when it started but knowing the origin isn't necessary; the spell is comprehensive enough to follow each 'bond' back to its source and either dissolve the bond or resolve the issue. The Triple Working would also be indicated in cases where the origin in known (or you have strong reason to suspect), or suspected to be supernatural or the result of 'black magick'. As I said before, it's not a retaliation spell, it's resolving the problem by working with the natural state of harmony the Universe and all things tend towards. Black magick doesn't do that therefore it's unstable and its effects tend to be short lived. Working with the energy is like re-weaving the karmic fabric - not like trying to make water flow uphill. So the effects manifest more quickly; are more far reaching; and are essentially permanent.

Also, the Triple Working allows the energy to be focused on you, your professional life/business, your home/family - all at once. This is important in situations where what seemed to begin as a negative influence that was affecting you in some way, has developed to the point it's affecting other areas of your life too. Negative and resistant energies can manifest in many ways, even if they are residual, they can, over time, create a 'complex' of low vibrational elements that can have very obvious and limiting results; exacerbating medical conditions for example; feelings of anxiety; feeling ungrounded. In this way it works as a reversal but can deal issues and resolve those issues on a karmic level for a permanent solution, rather than working on the symptoms. This is the case whether the negative effects relate to malicious people, limiting beliefs you have held in the past, destructive behaviours you seem to be drawn to and even bad 'thinking habits'.

Although magickal change is permanent and occurs in real time, the effects will manifest gradually - but there will be changes very quickly and the changes are cumulative so it kind of builds momentum - as different areas are cleared, different areas are accessible for resolution. Some choose to repeat the working or take the triple option to speed results in this way. But also, negative influences will continue to come into our lives from time to time so some people like to take the KM cycle annually or every few months as a preventative kind of working.

The Ritual is also particularly useful for negative work environments, abusive relationships in the past, problems with grounding that may express as addictive or self-destructive behaviours, any malicious or intentional psychic attack whether it originates supernaturally or through use of black magick, or through natural means such as malicious intentions, jealousy etc. - even disgruntled business rivals (some people have the working performed for their business in fact).

As mentioned before, the source if any disharmony or negative influence doesn't need to be identified before using this method as it works by tracing karmic bonds back to source from you and resolving or dissolving them. So you don't need to focus on what's happening or what caused it and how to fix it; the spell is constructed in such a way that it does that part for you.

This is not a hex or curse and can't be used as one - it works by resolving any attachments to people, places and things of the past, present and future to prevent them manifesting hindrance or discord in your life. It can't be used for revenge or malicious intentions. None of my work can.

The dissolution of negative karmic bonds doesn't disconnect you from your life or undo your past, but can be used to facilitate moving on from the past without fetters; liberating you up to manifest change on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual); and always for the greater good.

The healing effect and a lifting of energy is usually noticed and reported at day 7-10 and increases during the ritual. Sometimes this is reported within a few days especially for those having a Triple Working.

Also, as the Triple option allows focus on different aspects at once, positive changes in the home, professional environment as well as personally tend to be reported early on and continue throughout and beyond the cycle!

These options available with the GIFT PRICE DISCOUNT of 50% for the working beginning the 4th February

A single working of the Killing Moon 30 Day Karmic Reversal Ritual for 300 (saving 300 on the usual price) | A triple working of the Killing Moon 800 (saving 1000 on the usual price) | For full details and to buy please go to www.mayastar.net/special.htm 



29th December 2015 - Just a quick update...had the best Christmas ever. 


I had two Christmas days...first Christmas Day was spent at my sister's house with Spider (my Teddy Boy), mum, stepfather, sister, brother in law and my nephews.  It was quite a long day but I love singing in the car and Spider loves driving and we had such a laugh...I also made my first ever video that I uploaded to youtube...see below! (And please follow my YouTube too - because I'm planning to add it to my active social networks in 2016!)




Christmas Day 2 was spent at home - me and Spider watched some films, ate too much junk, played with the animals...and unwrapped all the presents we hadn't had time to unwrap on the first Christmas Day!


This is where I have to say...Spider is just the best!  Christmas Day 1, he bought me flowers...Christmas Day 2, he bought me vegan take out (spicy singapore rice noodles...woah....they were unexpectedly tasty!), my favourite perfume (Angel by Thierry Mugler), and Alice in Wonderland calendar and...ALL FOUR...Lalaloopsy Dolls from Build a Bear...he wasn't sure if I'd want the proper clothes for each one as I've got quite a collection...I have five bears in my bed, and one on a seat in my bedroom...I even have the official wardrobe and a nice collection of outfits.  So having looked through the options, I chose the proper outfits for each doll, plus shoes and a pair of official Lalaloopsy PJs...and some sleeper suits for my three of my bears.  I think this year I might be going Lalaloopsy mad.  I can't believe he got me all of them...I can't believe he knew I'd love them (I'd been looking at buying rag dolls earlier in the year because I used to have a great one as a kid...I hadn't told him that but he seems to know automatically the stuff I'll like!  Maybe because he's a big kid just like me!).


Anyway, it's been fabulous...and we're spending new year together.  I continue with my work over the Christmas and New Year period but because my work is flexible as far as timing goes, it means I can accommodate family socials and stuff without ending up with too much to do and too little time!


Just about to send out the latest newsletter...


Happy days hipsters! Keep on rockin' in the free world and be nice to each other!  Love to all! <3