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Blog Archive March-April 2012


18th April 2012:  Many thinks happen in the life of a dancer...but if you are a ballet dancer the one thing that really epitomises the difference between being someone who dancers ballet and being a ballet dancer is that moment your hard work (many years hard work) and training pays off and you are told it's time for you to 'go up' on pointe! 


A whole process surrounds this rite of passage...you are told it's time and prepared with specific exercises; you are taken by your teacher (usually) to be fitted for your first pointe shoes.  You learn to break them in and use all kinds of gizmos to fit them perfectly to your feet.  Being on pointe shouldn't hurt...unless you are not trained or have an underlying injury...or most often, have been fitted badly for your first shoes which can cause long term injuries and may even stop you dancing!  So it is a big deal for anyone who dances ballet and is committed to progressing in that way.


My teacher informed me February 2011 that I was to go up...but in fact due to injury, absence and I'm not really sure what, I wasn't fitted until almost a year later!  And unfortunately, I wasn't taken for a proper fitting and have been suffering a bruised bone in my heel from badly fitting pointes for the last 6 weeks or so.  It doesn't prevent me modelling or working on pointe or even dancing...but it could have been much more serious so I strongly advise anyone who wants to learn, to get the proper tuition and then get fitted properly by someone who really is qualified to fit you.


The delay and injury made the whole experience...the culmination of 6 years work to be the 'oldest' (at 37) adult beginner that had never danced before up onto pointe turned out to be a real disappointment and a non event for me.  It certainly wasn't what I had hoped and left me feeling pretty crap about ballet at that point...


However! GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!  A wonderful example of things manifesting even when you don't think it's possible.  By a sequence of unlikely coincidence I have met and made friends with another dancer who attends the same Dance School as me...she is about the same level as me...she is nocturnal...she a model too...we have tons in common...and freak upon freak, she literally lives a five minute walk from mine! 


And last week, Lolly was told she was to 'go up' too!  Already prepared she is an expert on pointe shoes and fittings as she has worn them for modelling work for some time though not danced on pointe.  She is amazing!  She knows everything there is to know about pointe and she has helped me to get fitted and we'll be taking a trip to London later in the month to check different makes to see if we can find just the right one for my foot shape!


Tomorrow Lolly is coming over for a surprise party!  A party of TWO!  To celebrate us going up on pointe...because once she fitted my shoes I felt much more like things were happening in the right order!  We've started doing late night classes together and doing some pointe work in our lessons together too because we have similar goals and are both dedicated to ballet.  A lot of adult beginners come because they want to be in shows and when there are no shows...they don't come.  Others try it and find actually it takes more work and dedication to master ballet than they thought and they drift away from it.  So we are very lucky to have found each other because we're equally ballet obsessed and we know it's something we intend to do for a looooooooooooong time.


So we are having a joint 'going up' party for just the two of us...we'll break in new shoes (always fun)...and I have some surprise presents for her that I won't mention in case she reads my blog beforehand!  We will be having pizza and a homemade cake (neither of us drink or smoke so that's really pushing the boat out for us!).  And we'll sit up all night talking ballet.  Then Thursday we have ballet bootcamp; a lesson we have devised with our teacher to work on strength and stamina...and we've made a new playlist to go along with it...we will be dancing to Echo & the Bunnymen for a couple of gruelling hours!  And then on Friday we will continue our celebration with a sneaky caramel hot chocolate at Starbucks and we'll get little plaques made and matching keyrings too :D  We're both equally excited about ballet so it should be great fun!  I certainly never get this 'into' Christmas/Yule or birthdays.  But 'going up'...well, we'll be celebrating it every year from here on in!!! :D


17th April 2012:  I have finally sorted out the ipad so I can do the majority of the admin work on the go.  The only part that may be a bit slower will be sending certificates which I will do every few days as opposed to logging onto the main computer each day to do it.  I think this will make things run much more smoothly and mean responses to emails and processing orders and so on will much faster XX Phew!  It has taken some coordinating but it will be worth it in the end I'm sure.  I'm going for a well earned bubble bath!


Have ballet tomorrow so need to get myself organised! X


17th April 2012:  New photos uploaded to the New Pre-Raphaelite Facebook page and in the gallery/portfolio page on this site too X


The photos went well - but nothing can prepare you for the wind off the north sea while you're on a hill and totally exposed to the elements! LOL :D


I love satin skirts now too...they hang perfectly for the NPR look and I am working with a fantastic seamstress called Allison to create a range of skirts & petticoats in satin.


16th April 2012:   Had a photo shoot this morning so I will catch up with emails when I'm online tonight (see pic left of me bundled up and ready to go at dawn!); I did mean to do it while I was travelling but it turned out I'd installed an old back up on my new iPad so now I've just sorted that out so that I can work on the move and avoid ending up with hours of work to do on the main computer...this is part of the streamlining for Mayastar and Maya Magickal this year!


Anyway...just updating you all with the latest and will sort out emails as soon as poss tonight. 


In other news, I received my FANTASTIC made to measure handcrafted knee high spats from Fait Avec (through Etsy) today and they are sooooo brilliant.  Sandra not only made them to measure so they fit well over my ballet muscles, but also with a special pattern so they will fit over my MBTs (special shoes that make your joints stronger and increase stability etc...v good for your back...but not really in-keeping with the New Pre-Raphaelite look!) and my pointe shoes (see picture below left - fantastic!).  I am soooooo pleased wiht them.  I have to tell you if you are looking for real quality, lined, made to measure spats, Fait Avec are the best  www.faitavec.etsy.com


I guess I'd better get some sleep before the PM attunements.  Now the new portable is sorted, admin should be much, much easier too.  So everyone can look forward to a much better service and email response in future too! XXX


14th April 2012:   Have updated the photo gallery today and the Romantiqua site too www.romantiqua.net.


Looking forward to the next shoot - depending on the weather it will be in bluebell woods or some ruins and will be modelling some of the Ophelia's Folly corded lace.  I have quite a bit of teastaining prep to do for that...but I'm all sorted and up to date with most things and working on rune readings this weekend.


Totally addicted to Lana Del Rey right now.  I always need my music but this is the best thing that's happened to me since I 'discovered' Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst) :D


Have started doing late night dance classes with a friend now too...we did it to split the cost and because we're of a similar level and both model and live close to each other etc.  As it turns out we have TONS in common.  She's got a poopie cold at the moment so big love going out to best palski this morning.  Ooooh...she even likes gold bears and pizza and all things pink...who'd ever have imagined all this time she was living several doors down and getting fed up with ballet because she wanted to push herself.  I was given the go ahead to go on pointe last year...but I've taken myself down a grade and will repeat grade 4 so me and her will do that together and the other day our teacher said as we both model on pointe already she's happy to put some pointe work into out classes together.  It's great.  We're over the moon - because although I 'went up', syllabus work and the cold and then an injury meant I didn't get very far from the barre before I had to take a break.  I'm fine for modelling...but dancing on pointe is a ways off yet.  As soon as Lolly's feeling better though we're totally having a party and turning up to class in tutus!! :D


14th April 2012: Lana Del Rey: Dark Paradise...rock <3




12th April 2012:  New special offer out tonight! DISCOUNTS | Archangelic Flames Course | Pleiadian DNA Clearing & Activation Attunements 1-7 Course | AND a DOUBLE DISCOUNT on the Full Moon Good Fortune Spell for May (ruled by Venus - a double whammy of Good Fortune all round! :D). If you do not already receive the newsletter and would like information & to qualify, please email me mayastar@mayastar.net or contact me to request a copy of the free information pack through www.mayastar.net - you may also find more information about my magickal work at www.mayamagickal.net


Am working through the admin from my computer's absences still...I suppose I should cut it some slack because a trojan's kind of a virus and people don't go to work when they have them!  Anyway...all seems sorted now and the upgrade should go through without a hitch in the not too distant!


Monday's shoot went really well and had a great time with that and experimenting with some new pre raph looks - please check out the Romantiqua Facebook page to see what you think...http://www.facebook.com/pages/Romantiqua-The-New-Pre-Raphaelites/415246281834910


Other than that...much meditation and magickal work, much modelling and mulling...much of a muchness I guess...but with the frustration of a computer that doesn't work when the network fault's fixed...if the network goes wonky when the computer works...I'm going to up-sticks, move into Starbucks and use theirs!!!! :D


12th April 2012: Loving Born to Die by Lana Del Rey! <3





9th April 2012: Work still continues sorting out the computer changeover!!  For a streamlining it's certainly taking a lot of non streamlining to get it up and running :D  I hope everyone's having a great Easter.  I've had a hectic weekend with spell work...and trying to get used to the new computer...when things are all synced it will work really well but until then it's all quite hit and miss!  I'm trying to get a notepad hooked up too so that I can streamline the administration work better...but getting everything to work together after trying sort out the trojan damage is no mean feat!!


Anyway, I'm lucky to have a great IT guy doing the work for that but it means my computer keeps vanishing and reappearing and so while all this is sorted out I do apologise for admin delays.  Nothing else is affected but it is a pain - there's a limit to what I can do from my mobile phone!


Anyway, busy busy weekend with magickal work and tomorrow evening I have an NPR (New Pre-Raph) photoshoot!  Exciting :D  Don't worry - any modelling work won't affect attunements or spells - I've worked out the shoot days in the schedule so I always arrange them at the quietest times for attunement bookings and so on.  Then I look forward to getting my teeth into some of the other work for Romantiqua...again...another thing that's set back by this computer malarkey!  But when it's all sorted, that will run well too.  I guess it's just one of those weeks eh? :D XXX


5th April: Newsletter subscribers will be aware I'm behind with sending certificates at the moment; I am in the middle of updating to a new computer and unfortunately a trojan (talk about timing) infiltrated the old one before I transferred the new files over.  So now I've kind of wasted time getting things set up on the new computer but because I couldn't be sure what damage the trojan may have done I couldn't transfer the business files over so in the end between working on two computers and consulting my IT guy to get things sorted out emails were delayed and so on.  The trojan's dealt with but working out what damage might have been done may take a bit longer; in the meantime I'm catching up tonight with the back up and using a borrowed computer!  So normal service will be resumed shortly! <3


31st March:  Why can't I work out how to set my mobile phone to stay on daylight saving time but my computer doesn't seem to have the same issues?  It's crazy - I have to keep getting up to check the bathroom clock to see what the time really is because I don't trust the electronic ones now as they are constantly manipulated by unseen forces!!! It's making me terribly paranoid...and meant I went back in time when I had a bath earlier too...LOL!


Spell work last night and now a lovely relaxing day ahead for me; I have plans tonight.  My friend is over for a vid and pizza fest and much ballet and modelling talk I expect! Very boring if you're not a girlie girl I should imagine.  We stop short of plaiting each other's hair though!


I hope everyone's having a great weekend and those that have already bought the Planetary attunements are enjoying the wonderful manuals!!  I am soooo glad to have got this blog up and be able to communicate my personal feelings (to anyone who is interested) where it's not really appropriate on the newsletter but on a personal level I LOVED that course so much and I've always been disappointed so few people seemed drawn to it when I knew it was brilliant and I didn't know how else to promote it.  Sales were so bad I even considered removing it from the syllabus but couldn't bring myself to do so because I think it one of the best - right up there with Ethereal Crystals and Kundalini Reiki!  But because no one's heard of it I suppose they don't know until they see the manuals just what an inspirational and exciting course it is; how versatile it is...and only when you receive the attunements can you really understand just how powerful it is too!  So I am really happy that people are reading this blog :)  It's great to be able to put my own personal views out there!  Thank you to all the people that have already visited and I hope you'll come back soon! :D XXX


29th March: I've just updated the website and am sending out the newsletter with the new special offers on for newsletter subscribers! Attraction Reiki, Triple Working Dark Moon Reversal and the Planetary Attunements 1-12 - I highly recommend the planetary attunements; they are very intensive and suitable for anyone working celestial energies in any capacity and for spiritual development too. The attunements are very powerful and each is accompanied by a beautifully written and detailed manual so you get a very thorough understanding on all levels of the energy that you are being attuned to. These were one of the most powerful attunement programmes I've ever taken and I strongly recommend them to everyone; if you are drawn to Pleiadian energies or have Indigo connections then I think you'll find these will resonate particularly strongly with you :D XXX <3

29th March:  A very productive day.  Busy with attunements in the morning and in the evening busy catching up with the emails that were unanswered while the internet was down.  Let's hope it's fixed for good this time! 


Also today I received a bustle I will be modelling for Romantiqua...it's sooooooo amazing; it is a totally unique item and really epitomises the idea of fashion as art - I'll post a picture into this blog (pictures posted of the bustle and shrug made by Alina Ionescu - see The New Pre Raphaelites on Facebook for more info!  My next modelling shoot will probably be the second week of April but I'll keep everyone up to date with everything of course XX <3


Have to say...music lately...totally loving Michelle Branch in the Wreckers and on the strength of that downloaded Jessica Harp's Album - it's brilliant! 


It's been an incredibly long day getting things up to date and organised...I am exhausted and about to go for a well earned day's sleep (still nocturnal after all these years...I think that's what keeps me looking so young...my vampiric habits...well...vegetarian vampire??).  Tonight I have double ballet and zumba...I love a good workout...but I don't love 3 hours of bootcamping it when I'm tired so nighty night everyone! XX


28th March:  It's been a busy week with many changes for Romantiqua and the development of the co-operative.  There has been some bad news today too; the High Priestess of the Moonshadow coven where I was initiated as a High Priestess of Gardnerian Wicca died last night of a heart attack.  She lived long and well and had a good life but we are all sad at her passing.  Although I had 'hived' from the coven because I was initiated to the 3rd degree, the majority of my work has been solitary or with a very select few witches of a similar level to me - and though she was no longer running the coven, many of us were and continue to be engaged with the work and so I hope you'll join us in a prayer of gratitude for a life that allowed others to reach others and help them too.  We do not have plans (or the time in fact) to organise a training coven to continue Moonshadow's work, but I will continue to offer my services magickally through www.mayamagickal.net to those who need them. XX Hail the High! Maya


23rd March:  Wow...everything is up to date now.  Have a magickal working tonight but all the administration is sorted out and so I can take a little breather!


The newsletter has been sent out reminding subscribers of the current offers (The Triple Working Good Fortune Spell, the Complete Celestial Encodings 1-9 Course Package and the Amara Omni Empowerment Course with discounts exclusive to newsletter subscribers - for the next 5 days only!!)


So...now is the time for me to put my feet up and have a read I think.  I seem to have been working all night updating sites and doing the admin part...time just flies when you're listening to Krishna Das as you work! X <3


19th March 2012:  Doing the rest of the administrative work for Mayastar and Maya Magickal at the moment.  There's been so much to do with the new websites in preparation for Romantiqua Couture going live.  I enjoy this kind of work but I must admit even I'm finding it tiring and hankering after pizza and a movie now!


I have taken the plunge and ordered a coat I really wanted from Etsy from Fogg Couture - see picture; I'm having it made in light beige corduroy though so it will go with all the clothes I wear!  I can't wait to have a coat again!  I've since changing my clothing range since I lost weight I have had some very different item - all hand made but sometimes the quality has been shockingly bad and other times has been really right down to the smallest detals (such as finishing ribbons lace quality - even fabric quality can vary so much with items that look the same but vary from one seller to another by such a great deal!).  Now because I am modelling for RC as a brand I wear predominantly clothes from their main designer in my spare time too (photos of the range won't come out until the shops go live I'm afraid...until then you're stuck with portfolio images of my own wardrobe.  I can't credit a particular designer in any case of these either as I have modified them and upcycled them...but I will be adding reviews of different designers and items to this site...along with books, cds, shops, ballet shoes...and anything else I LOVE!  


One more night to complete the Triple Reversal Spell too...I hope everyone's finding it a very productive one; I certainly have personally this cycle too! <3


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