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Blog Archive July 2012


23rd August 2012: Things have continued to be busy with the updates and so on.  The photoshoots with Maniac for Ophelia's Folly went really well...except as usual I got bitten by all kinds and next time, I am definitely taking insect repellent.  The images are being processed and I've had a play too - Maniac works with his partner Aurora and she is doing some manipulation of the images to create a kind of ethereal feel to them.  I've seen some and I'm really pleased with them...they remind me of the intense colouring of Holman-Hunt's work (one of the PRB founders).  And I love his work.  So I'm impressed.  I'll go over there when I have time and have a mess about and see what's the what - she's keen to show me the ropes because I don't have any experience with photoshop...strangely this very computer has photoshop on it - but I don't use it at all...in fact, I just don't get on with Adobe software (my copy of Dreamweaver sits in a box gathering dust too!) LOL.


Anyway - here's a sneak preview - because this page is getting boring with no pictures to put up and there are a lot being processed at the moment.  We did have another shoot pencilled in for the weekend but I don't realistically think I'll have time; I have a lot to do for the Mayastar updates and when I start doing them I will want to get them done in the space of a few days.


In other news...I have discovered the wonder that is Evernote and Dropbox and between my Galaxy S3, my Vaio and my Duo Notepad/Notebook...EVERYTHING is in perfect harmony - all my work is synced up and accessible for me and it's amazing.  It's making work so much easier and just what I needed about a year ago in fact!  But still, better late than never. 


Also, I bought 'A Course in Miracles' for my Kindle - (go go gadget girl!) and a second hand copy of Math's Training for my DS.  I've decided I must learn to down tools and not read before bed because....I am not sure if it's due to my asper tendencies...if I start reading, I can't stop reading.  I think arithmetic or simple puzzles and sudoku and that kind of thing would be more abstract and not provoke me into pondering life, the universe and everything and getting up to make sketches and write down notes all the time.  I think I probably cut about two hours out of every day going to bed because I don't go to bed properly but instead, get in bed and continue doing some kind of work...or something that will keep me from sleeping.  So now, I'm strictly on maths and no exciting fantasy novels before bed.  I will be reading ACIM along with inspirational writings on the Law of Attraction...and half hour before I decide it's bed time, I'm switching over to numbers games.  If that doesn't work...I'm gonna have to start blaming the weather for my erratic sleep!


Although, this week I can certainly blame the gnat bites...it seems amazing I can sleep a migraine off but a gnat bite can keep me awake for hours!  Little blighters!


Better finish up and get on with my work people!  I promise to check in more when all the extra work is up to date! XX <3



18th August 2012: Big gap! V busy month.  I've finished most of the writing for the new workings and things and organised the changes for Mayastar...now is the more mundane task of sorting out the websites and lots of updates.  It's very bitty work...and takes more concentration than any other kind...and any work I can't do with a soundtrack seems curiously at odds with my boho life these days!


Anyway...in the past week have done a good deal of writing and started the new sites; set up a cloud server to back up all my stuff so I can move about a bit more (hermits don't move about a lot...but we like to know we can!).  The weather turned HOT...if anything TOO HOT.  I've got a two hour dance lesson tomorrow and I actually don't relish the prospect...weather forecast says 29 degrees :S Yikes.  Better have the dioralyte on standby (rehydration drinks).


I've also finally taken the plunge and upgraded my phone.  By necessity really.  The Nokia I had was old and I was due an upgrade a few months ago - but nothing was out there that I wanted...so even though my phone was getting buggy, I just lived with it.  But last week it did weird things with peoples' emails - the phone was taking some off the server and they weren't getting to my computer...it happened a few times and it's always been the email that played up on the phone so I decided I had to do something as it was no longer fit for purpose.  After the debacle when I tried the Nokia Lumia (I do not recommend that phone that's for sure...it was dreadful...the windows OS was...well...it was like having windows messenger but no other functions on the phone really - when I use my phone more like a PDA and have done for years and that's what I'm used to...so I did my research before I made any changes this time!)....I chose the Samsung Galaxy S3...and by curious coincidence, Mama Jane happened to get the same one the day before!  And we both LOVE them.  I love the cloud server thing and I love the S3.  It's fantastic. Can't fault it at all.


So finally everything is organised and the ground is dry and the shoot for Ophelia's Folly is going ahead at the crack of dawn...when it should only be marginally tropical out there! LOL.  I'm sure it's going to feel more than marginally warm once I'm tightlaced in a corset but I've been waiting for ages to do this shoot and Maniac's more maniacal than ever...enthused would be the understatement :D  And Mama Jane's chuffed of course...and some new silks are in the pipeline so providing the weather holds out I should have some fun in my (limited) spare time...and while I'm working so hard on web updates in the non-spare part, I defo need a change of pace and something creative to get my teeth into in any spare time. 


It may be a while before I blog again as while I'm online right now I'm working...and I think that's likely to be the case for the next couple of weeks or so...but in the meantime, you can stay up to date nominally on my facebook page www.facebook.com/annalouisemay.muse - and any updates to Mayastar at www.facebook.com/mayastaracademy - and anything new and exciting on New Pre-Raphs at www.facebook.com/newpreraph


But for now I will leave you with my all time fave...Mozart's Lacrimosa - beautiful and someone has put together a wonderful sequence of images to suit the piece well too.  Enjoy! Peace out and have a good week! <3




8th August 2012: The Killing Moon Spell opening ritual went off without a hitch...sadly I missed ballet today...too hot and couldn't sleep!  I think staying up late of a morning and working on the new spells keeps my mind active too late in the day...I'm going to have to slow it down a bit.  If it takes an extra few weeks to get things organised and updated it's not a problem...I have tried really hard not to set myself a deadline but I invariably seem to end up doing that anyway!  What a terrible habit to have...so when it comes to lines I've decided no more dead lines, I'm drawing a line under them! :D


It is a curious thing...when I quit the day job (which was a night job) to run Mayastar full time, I was concerned that without the routine of an external job I would find it hard to make a routine.  And I did!  My first year was really haphazard...without being overly busy as I had been when I was effectively working two jobs, I felt like I had all the time in the world.  But as Mayastar and Maya Magickal grew I found that haphazard approach wouldn't work.  First I organised the attunement times and then I organised the times allocated to magickal work...finally (and once things were so busy they kind of forced the issue), I organised the administration side as well.  My advice to anyone working for themselves is that you DEFINITELY  need routine; you need more self discipline to stick to it than if you are working for someone else but if you want to be able to manage your workload effectively, it is essential to have a routine.


Now...the next hurdle is me deciding...when your work is a vocation...what do you do when you have a 'weekend'?  My weekends wouldn't coincide with the normal Saturday and Sunday ones because most of my magickal work is on Friday and Saturday...but I never allocate a single day off a week...I just make the most of the ones that show up in the diary from time to time.  But they are very infrequent so I think once I've completed the work for the Home Temple areas of Mayastar, I will consider how best to allocate myself days of 'rest' - I'll base it around when the diary is typically quietest for attunements and magick - probably Sunday and Monday or Monday and Tuesday.  I dunno...next thing you know I'll be on strike demanding that I give myself bank holidays too! LOL


And that's my cue to stop being silly, finish my emails and get myself in well earned bubble bath with a well earned dose of lavender oil in it <3


7th August 2012 0302: A productive evening.  I have been setting up a lot of attunements the last few days - pretty intensive and I didn't realise how intensive until I came to prepare the certificates tonight and it took me 40 minutes just to do the certificate! :O


The tests for the new magickal workings that I'm developing are going amazingly well.  I will be adding these to Maya Magickal to be for more specific spell applications...I hope it will make the site more user friendly and also mean that certain situations could be dealt with from a number of angles...for example, someone looking for a long term relationship might opt for a Self Love Spell to increase their self-esteem and raise their vibration; a Soul Mate Attraction working to put that intention out there and combine it with an 'Aura of Enchantment' spell to increase the level of amiable and positive energies that surround them...also building confidence and supporting the working.  I believe this will help to make some of the magickal workings more easy to tailor to specific clients and circumstances because a number of elements can be combined very easily.


Because of the additional work for the special offer (they always end up more popular than I allow for somehow but it's manageable so don't worry!...and if it delays the update for Maya Magickal by a couple of weeks it's no problem), some parts of the work are slower than hoped...doing website updates is very 'bitty' work and having long sessions available...well...not so much.  Plus I've been busy with a lot of ballet and some work on my own creative projects.


Maniac and I had a massive brainstorming session the other day with regard to the shoots for Ophelia's Folly and also for those designers I wish to promote personally (especially Alina Ionescu and Wildskin)...we came to the conclusion that not only is setting up for indoor shoots more time consuming but neither of us enjoy them as much.  There are challenges with location shoots if you're a pointe model but at the end of the day, I am trying to capture the 'feel' of Pre-Raphaelite style and bring it up to date with my own personal twist.  That's what floats my boat.  That's what gets me creative.  Indoor shoots may be necessary from time to time...and for messing with lighting and experimenting they may be fun and yield some interesting results but certainly at the moment with my dance commitments, creative commitments, Mayastar commitments and my commitments to the Mayastar Home Temple Lightworker Ministerial side of my work (Maya Runes, Maya Magickal and soon to come...THAT'S A SECRET! YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT!!! LOL!  But there will be more work in these areas)...the time it takes to set up for indoor shoots can make the difference of being able to fit it in or not fit it in.  Maniac's flexible with times...he's also very keen on location work and exploring more creative styles...we both agree on this and getting good images for Ophelia's Folly that show Mama Jane's clothes to their very best is a new 'challenge'...but in a way I said to Maniac because he's not done fashion photography before per se but has done model photography, some wildlife photography and portrait work...because it's the artistic side of the work we do together that really inspires us both, the location work will take priority. 


It was easy to say 'we'll just do an indoor shoot to tide us over till the weather clears'...but because neither of us relished the prospect, it was equally easy for us to think...ah, the weather is improving, we'll do a real shoot next week instead!  But all in all, I think we're both happy with this and providing we can get some good practical shots showing the detail and not just the artistic ones...I feel confident this will work well and Mama Jane will be blown away by what we achieve.


This week is particularly busy...I have a routine hospital appointment and 3 ballet lessons in four days (oooh...my toes cringe at the idea!)...nothing beats doing pointe work and bootcamp to my own playlists on my ipod...current faves are Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga, Echo and the Bunnymen (a lot!!!) and Taylor Swift.  But I have some others in mind :D - and tomorrow night is the opening ritual for the Killing Moon.  So with the magickal experiments going on at the moment...it is hectic.


But this coming week my dance teacher is away and Maniac has had the brilliant idea of doing evening shoots, not dawn ones.  This will be good for me - they will fit in before my magickal commitments and they will not affect my routine by messing up my sleep pattern...so i think that will work well.  Not only that, he's fond of hiking and my brother knows the area really well...so they will go for morning hikes to check the conditions and pin down locations and providing the rain doesn't return, it should be a simple way to fit in 2 or even 3 shoots a week...we'll see but it seems like a good solution all round.  I'm happier with the idea.  My brother is game to help and Maniac is much more keen and inspired by this idea.  Going to start this next week though because this week's kind of booked up and I do need to start putting things together for the new site and updates too.


Speaking of which!!  I am also offering the service with Life Path Readings to dowse using kinesiologetic principles as well as divination for those who would like to have recommendations made as regard to course selection and spells and so on.  I have done this for a few client's now and it works well but it is time consuming so I will be adding it to the Mayastar sites as an option.  In some ways it is very simple as a method but it is time consuming because of the syllabus and typing it up.  But I think it will be a popular service and invaluable for those seeking direction.


Further to that I offer '3 question' rune readings on Maya Runes...these are great and feedback for all my magickal work and psychic work is always positive (I should really get the reviews for these sites updated...I may include that as part of an offer for newsletter subscribers after the current course package discount offer in ended)...but anyway, I thought with the dowsing, as this is something I use regularly and often use with my runes for clarification, it may be a great idea to offer 'yes/no' readings...where the client could ask 20 questions and I would go into trance and then dowse for a positive, negative or 'undecided' response.  These would not be insightful readings but may be helpful and may allow a client to work out what kind of reading they want  or what areas they want to focus on.  For me, this kind of reading would take no longer than a Genereal Rune Reading and be a very simple process because there is no interpretation to go along with it.


I am going to offer this option ahead of time...before the site is ready so any FB followers and Twitter followers will be notified...and I will send out the newsletter tomorrow night (probably before the Killing Moon opening) and offer these new options to newsletter subscribers ahead of time.


I'm pretty much all out of photos and I don't want to keep posting repeats...June and July were unfortunately very consistent in their downpours and though things are still changeable they are much more suitable for location shoots and Daniel and Maniac will be looking for some interesting ones in the local area...there are some great bridal paths with overhanging 'wild wood' type trees...very atmospheric at the best of times...but bonus upon bonus, they have solid ground...it may look good or it may not but it does mean that even post monsoon, there will be suitable places for shoots.


So that's that sorted...work progressing on the spells and readings for the Mayastar Home Temple (non-denominational and for my Lightworker Ministerial work which includes most of what I do!)


I think that's all the news...all in all, it's great...all is well...Mayastar flourishes, New Pre-Raphaelites does and my creative projects and dance commitments also...so busy as I may be, I'm feeling extremely fulfilled by my work and enjoying every moment!


Because the photos are kind of being recycled as it's been over 2 months without a shoot now :O - I am going to use some pix from my mobile...not great quality but some nice pix of me dancing and a few bits and bobs to keep the page looking appealing!  I hope you will enjoy them! XXX


Love to all! <3 Maya X


6th August 2012: Having a great week...and all prepared for the Killing Moon beginning tonight :D


Had a fantastic ballet lesson yesterday which Maniac videoed for me - a progress check video which I have had done from time to time and usually between grades...this time it was strange...for a start it was hot and I'd had zumba before the class so I was wearing a crop top and I must say, even I found my body art impressive!  Also, it's the first time one has been done of me with my hair red...I'm used to seeing my hair red but just not in the studio!  And last but not least...my first with pointe work in it.


That was the most amazing part. Pointe takes a lot of strength and it's definitely more challenging even than the bootcamp classes I do.  But my ballet habits of keeping the upper body relaxed and core locked are really apparent in the video...so is my posture...and I suppose I'm so used to seeing myself in a corset I forget that in fact, I have a dancer's posture even out of one!  So I was really pleased with it and my progress is really rapid - I think my turns are neater en pointe than working on the flat in fact!  But that was a great lesson.


I've been busy with lots of magickal work too...for others and for myself as well as writing new spells based on variations of those I already do for people but with more specific applications...these are some of the ones that I'm currently working for myself to check the flow of the ritual and make sure I feel everything in the energy is congruent before I make them available to others.


And in between I have been working with Remy Noe (artist) on a series of portaits in his mythological style and based on myths of the Norse Tradition and those that predate those myths too.  It's fantastic...but I will buy the pieces he does because I personally love his work!  I've seen some of the preliminary sketches and they are beautiful.  I'm excited to see how the project develops over the coming months! X


As usual...another late night - attunements followed by ritual work (then some spell working for me too), then emails and before you know it, it's 5am and I have time for a bath before my meditation session and the night's flown by!


So I had better be getting on.  For anyone who has followed the link here for information about the Killing Moon spell please see the entry on this page... http://www.blog.mayastar.net/jul2012    


Please enjoy the embedded youtube vid below...Krishna Das singing Om Namah Shivaya Kirtan style...fantastico!




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