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Blog Archive July 2012


31st July 2012: It is that time of the month again when interest in the Killing Moon ritual peaks.  The next working will begin on the 7th August and I have had a number of inquiries regarding how the spell works and whether there are spaces left...well...technically there is one space left...but because demand is high and because the current special offer means my time is not so restricted when it comes to attunements as I can work around my own schedule, if others take this option I will complete to workings of the spell each day for the 30 day period of the spell and hope this will open the option to as many people who feel they need this help at this time.


Now there is information about the spell and how it works and how magick works in general on my website www.mayamagickal.net - and this may be of assistance.  But I have received some specific questions that may apply to others too.  So I will explain in brief how the spell works and the kind of circumstances it may assist in if there are specific concerns you want to know if the working would address...


The spell works on the energy field of the subject; it doesn't direct any manipulation or energy at others as this kind of infringement of freewill would be black magick.  However, the spell may affect those around you because during the 30 day working, karmic links/bonds of a low vibrational nature or of negative/restrictive energies, are broken at your side.  This allows you to release them and be free of them.  There is a 'snap back' effect to those who have incurred a karmic debt with you however...whether it is deliberate or unconscious...current or past...the spell cuts off their access to your energy...that connection would otherwise persist until the karmic balance between you had been redressed so it severs that link and they then have the 30 period to resolve their karma themselves.  Other times the link may be to outmoded beliefs, restrictive thought patterns, damaging habits, places, memories...any kind of unhealthy connection. 


So the main purpose of the spell is to free you from these influences...so that your work in spirituality, manifestation, or simply being yourself and living your life, can continue unhindered by negative associations or energy connections.  And 'enemies' do not have to be known or their motivations understood for this to work...we don't need samples of their hair or fingernails!  Because we are breaking a very real karmic 'bond' at your side and it will automatically dissipate if it is appropriate or snap back to the source of it.


Now, the snap back effect of severing a karmic bond and demanding the 'slate cleared' can be quite harsh in the case of people who have negative intentions towards you whether they apply these consciously or by neglect or unconsciously...but karma seeks balance and harmony and though they may have spun a web of malignity, the spell will untangle it for the reason that if it is not untangled, they connection to you is not fully resolved and may be restored later.  So depending on the situation it may have a seemingly negative effect on others...but in fact the spell has nothing to do with them only in as much as you are ensuring if they have a problem with you, they deal with it and don't involve you in their psycho-drama.  That would be the gist of the matter.


So with this principle you can see that most negative situations can be alleviated or resolved completely with this working...not to mention the increased sense of freedom, healing and peace that you have from setting aside the 'baggage'.


Some specific questions that have been raised and that this spell would address are as follows:


Negative familial relationship

Disruptive person in the home

Disruptive entity in the home or around a particular person

Bullying (physical/mental/anonymous - makes no difference)



Legal matters such as contract breaches or business problems

Abuse of any kind at all

Negative intentions directed at you

Malicious and unfounded 'gossip' about you

Jealousy and resentment directed by others

Problems with work

Court cases

Bad habits

Addictive behaviours

Compulsive thinking

Habits of 'living in the past'

Blaming others for your lot in life

Negative self talk

Undermining one's own success through fear

Habitual negative attitudes

Habits of overeating for comfort or grounding

Disproportionate or irrational fear and worry that results from a habit


There are many many more issues that would be addressed by the Killing Moon working...when it comes to resolving Karmic debt in this way it is the most powerful working available and it is very intensive and it will make huge changes manifest for you; it can't fail to do that.  But many of the changes you experience are in areas you may not realise you have created a karmic debt or where you didn't realise another person wished you ill.  So you could say this working is 'indiscriminate' in the sense that it will resolve all karmic debts whatever the type or source.


Now the effects of magickal workings are permanent so the changes that manifest from the spell stay...but you do need to be aware that if you don't change the way you live given the opportunity the spell provides, you may find yourself undermining in some way...and some of the negative associations will begin to come back.  For this reason I recommend using some energy attunement modalities in conjunction with the spell to support it and as part of the manifestation of conscious change on your part.  In particular I recommend Attraction Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and the Violet Flame for this purpose.  The Crystal Rose can also be helpfully soothing as you go through the process of the spell (with many changes a soothing energy can make things feel more comfortable)...and another recommendation would be the Celestial Encodings 1-9 - which provide you with a number of spiritual tools that can be used consciously to enhance and support your development work.


I hope you have found this blog helpful! <3  If you have any questions, just drop me a line XXX


29th July 2012: Busy work weekend - mostly magickal...but various bits and pieces...the fashioning of a pearl headdress for the upcoming Ophelia's Folly modelling assignment...fixing of pointe shoes for class and modelling...test shoot (v brief and just for lighting) with Maniac...but still found a little time to chill out and watch the Neverending Story and touch base with Wolf :)


See amazing picture with this entry - photo by Maniac and Graphic Manipulation Art by Gareth Loki Di-Pietro (see link on the right hand menu to see more of his work or the promotional portfolio album on the New Pre-Raph site on FB www.facebook.com/newpreraph


Also making massive progress with the waist training corset style from Ophelia's Folly...not only are they the most comfortable corsets I've ever worn for waist training, but they are the most flattering in shape.  And for the first time I've managed to sleep through the day tight-laced too!  That clocks up an impressive 20 hours of the day tight-laced.  I am only aiming for 10-18 hours while I 'reshape' my ribs and then minimum of 8 hours a day for maintenance.  I know there's months of work ahead in that regard...I have more muscle (from ballet) than fat...but my natural waist is 24" anyway so i don't have far to go to get down to 20"...laced so it can be worn comfortably all day and all night a 20" corset laced to leave a gap of 3-4" at the back is just right.  I can lace to 2" open at the back for a few hours at a time...and if I really go for it to just over an inch  but I wouldn't be able to maintain that for long and really the purpose of tightlacing is for long-term body modification not a short term cinch so I'll take it slowly.  But I must say, it's soooooo much easier with a well made, well shaped corset than with any of the other corsets I've had before.  This shape is perfect for me for me.  And gotta say, Wolf is an increasing fan of the tight lacing too!  Even Maniac has had lessons from me with my brother's help (cos I can't see my own back to explain some things) as to how to lace and adjust my corsets so on location shoots now, changes, including corset changes, shouldn't pose a problem!


I do look forward to the day my work pays of with a completely closed 20" corset...but I can't help wondering...if it happens too quickly...will I be tempted to go to 18"?  I might.  My nan (in her youth) was famed for her tiny NATURAL 18" waist!  


25th July 2012: Well..between us my dance teacher and me seem to have worked out the perfect shoe...bad news is I need to order them from Grishko in Russia directly because they are not distributed elsewhere...grrr.  And the Grishko factory is shut until the 1st August so I can't even order them.  I have a pair of Novas in 6xxxH - but I need a 6xxxM - the shank is just too hard.  But the construction of the box compared to the 2007 and the higher wings mean that the joint in my right foot that sit's on top of the box if its too narrow gets a good distribution of pressure and...all in all, the double layered satin....the noiseless box from the latex glue...the slightly less tapered box and slightly wider platform...suit my foot better.  And I think the slightly more U shaped vamp is more attractive too.  So now I've divined my ideal shoe, I just have to wait for Grishko to reopen! 


However for modelling because your feet don't half get cold in pointe shoes (especially if you have bony feet like me), I will wear the 2007 6xxxxM's with some extra padding in the box.  I only need to be able to stand and walk a little but not to dance so I think this will be fine and the wider shoe will be better aesthetically too.  I shall try it out on the shoot tomorrow morning and see how it goes.  I intended to shellac the shoes for a bit of water resistance but in this humidity, they'd never dry!  So I'm going to forego that and wear some semi-trashed shoes for the shoot :D (...it's not the best weather to start tight lacing in for that matter...I have to keep taking corset breaks!)


I have some amazing things from Mama Jane to get my teeth into...the biggest challenge is deciding how much I count on the weather to be fine two mornings running and whether we'll get two shoots in.  Maniac seems to think so...he's been 'casing the joint' to check out locations and he's got some bits together so even if the ground is damp or uneven we'll be able to cobble together a flat surface...I hope it will go well...I have absolutely no wish to see any of my beloved Ophelia's Folly silks and lace come to any harm!!!


And I've just sorted out the modelling schedule and the clothes and corsets and everything for the next 12 months with Jane too...it's going to be a spectacular year!


I had better get on...late one because of spell work - for myself for a change...sometimes even witches need to 'call in the heavies' when it comes to karmic debts and karmic kicks up the bottom :D  So all is well and things are 'squared flat' metaphysically and in every other way I can think of.  And with the spell sorted and the storms forecast for Sunday I think by next week the air will be very clear indeed!  Phew...cannot wait to be out of this humidity...I love the way in the UK the second it stops raining the air fills up with water vapour to ensure you stay damp and clammy all summer long! LOL


Happy days!  Time for an urgently needed bath (3 hour tropical ballet lessons are not the friend of the lycra and tights clad that's for sure!), some yum yums and time to curl up with more Game of Thrones...LOVING IT! So glad Wolf recommended it.  He's right - it's fantastic...and he's not even a fantasy novel fan like me...so that's some accolade!


23rd July 2012: Few plan changes this weekend - things are more busy with attunements for the current special offer for newsletter subscribers of Mayastar and I had a last minute schedule change for someone which threw the weekend out a little.  Needless to say I didn't have time to prepare for the Ophelia's Folly shoot with Maniac...though it may not be such a bad thing as he assures me the forecast for the next week is that it will stop raining (after 2 months of rain...it's very hard to believe this but here's hoping!)...if he's right then this week we'll totally make the most of it as there are soooo many planned shoots...one thing with the location ones is clothing changes...I need to get Maniac taught how to tightlace a corset or make sure Daniel or Wolf is with us so someone can make sure my modesty panels and busks are straight!  


So apart from attunements...well...it's been flat out this weekend...working on personal projects too.  I swear to goodness I am going to make sure I get a LONG BATH tonight! 


On another note...I am sooooo in love with the corsets from Ophelia's Folly - the teastained cotton waist-training one I am testing is part of a batch that have been made for me but Jane wanted me to be sure I was happy with the pattern because she can sell the others through the shop if I would prefer a different style.  Well, I've tried a variety - two short busk styles and 3 long busk styles and I am absolutely sold on the pattern we decided on originally for me - it is perfect!  22 boned, encases the ribs perfectly and though it's a long corset (which I like) it doesn't seem to aggravate my hip bones (a problem I have with some styles is pressure on my hipbones that can give you some nerve pain over time).  So I've being trying the different styles and different levels of boning and different waist measurements.  My natural waist is 24" but because I do a lot of exercise, it's pretty much muscle and I thought rather than the 20", 22" might be more realistic....most of my corsets are 20"...but a lot depends on the contouring and shape of the corset as to whether that is suitable - some styles look better with a 22" or even a 24" waist - fitting more like a bodice and laced well but not in the body modification sense.  These corsets are very different because of the shape, the bones and the coutil lining; they are very high quality and for serious waist training and long lasting corsetry.   But the shape is fantastic.  I am so pleased...the length is just perfect between bust and waist too.  I will see if I can get some pix before I do the shoot because I want to model some of Jane's bespoke designs with beading and lace too...but for anyone interested in body modification or tight lacing some good pix of the WT corset style I've chosen may be of interest!  Anyway, after a second pull in half hour into wearing the corset the modesty panel is only 3" visible...if I went for a 22" waist and trained regularly I'd shrink out of them too fast.  I know often I'll be wearing them over camis and things that are a little more bulky  - but they have a wide modesty panel to allow that and so I'm sticking with the 20" - which was the original idea for developing the right line for my modelling...


Still working on that with my pointe shoes too...argh!  That is such a trial - I have to keep trying different ones and different levels of padding because of my super bony feet!  It's a choice between a xxxx Grishko with more padding to protect my prominent bones...or a xxx Grishko with less padding and more shoe stability providing it doesn't leave the bone bruised or anything...but the choice doesn't end there!  I favour the Nova 2007 shape...the regular 2007's are available easily in the UK...Grishko is shut until the start of August...I have the Nova in a XXX but unfortunately the hard shank is too hard for me so I'm doing all I can to soften it, test it and then decide if I want to go for the Nova or the 2007...anything not used for ballet lessons will be used in modelling but you can't imagine how much time I've spent hand sewing ribbons and elastics onto shoes and breaking in new pointes!  I can't wait until I find that elusive perfect shoe.  I feel like Cinderella!


And speaking of princesses!  If I ever wanted to feel more like one than I do in my Ophelia's Folly silks and beaded corsets my Mama Jane...well...it's on days when you get an email from Alina Ionescu to tell you that your harajuku-gypsy-steampunk-lolita-fairy-princess skirt, top and shawl are ready for you!  And my god!  They are soooooo amazing.  I did some sketches for Alina for the approximate shape I had in mind and the colours and style...and as ever, we seem to be on the same wavelength and it's not only 'like' what I wanted, it's EVEN BETTER!  I know I rave about Alina's work a lot and it's not just her work - it's her attitude the her creativity and her integrity as an artist - I have huge respect for her work and love her to bits (my gypsy sister!).  But see the pix inserted in this entry...the waist training corset style I have chosen from Ophelia's Folly (for all my corsets...cotton, silk, bespoke and all)...and the gorgeous pix of the set from Alina that's ready. 


There are more photos of my Ophelia's Folly and Ionescu Designs on my FB page: www.facebook.com/annalouisemay.muse



20th July 2012: Busy evening...final night of the Triple Dark Moon reversal...and just got all the admin up to date, running the website updates and about to do the newsletter and have myself a lovely Johnson's Baby Bath and read my kindle a while I think.  I ended up late to bed this morning (nocturnal) because I was going through a load of corsets...I have so many old ones.  Many are upcycled so MJ thinks it might be a good idea to sell some - she decorates corsets and has them made to fabrics she's upcycled too - really great quality.  Not sure she'll be impressed with the quality of some of the ones I'm chucking out thought!  But I think it's worth it.  And I need to make room for the new clothes I'll be modelling...so I was clearing out all kinds.  I rediscovered some corsets I'd had made through Superstar - they were bespoke and in every colour you can imagine...unusually they were made in cotton for me (I don't like satin and shiny fabrics for corsets...personal preference)...well...I tried a couple on and realised how well they go with a lot of my clothes...but they are 10.5" busks (I tend to prefer longer busks personally as they create a less 'severe' line - look more natural and perhaps more like a bodice than a corset).  But the shaping of the ones from Superstar is really flattering - very contoured and they sit quite low on the body so they are sort of like waspies but with a very defined 'v' shape at the front.  I know why I own them in so many colours! 


Anyway, after my mass clear out, I'll be having my corsets made through Ophelia's Folly.  I am trying some different patterns out to find out which I prefer...I may go for a long busk and I'll be getting coutil lined 22 boned waist training ones too.  Though I only wear those for waist training in bed (and not in this weather!) - but most places that sell 'waist training' or 'tight lacing' corsets don't have a coutil lining and that lining is what allows you to use the corset as a brace to shape your ribs to taper to your waist without the corset moulding to your ribs first! 


For now I have kept some heavily boned taffeta ones out for waist training but my new ones will be made with a cotton outer and a pretty rosebud print.  And I will select whatever style I find the most flattering for the Pre-Raphaelite 'line' and I'm in the process of choosing the silk and vintage lace colours I intend to model...and trying to put them in some semblance of order while considering the natural backdrops of the seasons and how they'll contrast with the choices...it's taking me ages to decide which colours...how many tiers and what kind of gathering will suit different ones. 


If I am not too busy I am planning a test shoot with Maniac and the clothes I'll be getting from Mama Jane tomorrow...trying different bustle lengths, different corset lengths, different types of gathering, different types of silk and something I'm very keen on trying...corsets made to match the bustle and shrug set in the same silk so they create a much more dressed look (I find a lot of bustle styles tend to look gimmicky or like underwear and since I wear Harajuku Classical Lolita based styles, my choice in bustles and corsets will always be those that look like outerwear.


I have some gorgeous things on their way - black corded lace, ivory corded lace, aqua teastained silk, pale pink silk with ivory, sage with teastained lace and teastained ivory...and a number of corsets to coordinate too...a couple of really special ones in the mix too!  Mama Jane does exquisite beadwork (see the pix around this entry).  One may be forgiven for considering I might be a bit corset-obsessed!  I think I probably am!  So those decorated with pearls, lace and swarovski crystals are going to be something really special to me. Also those decorated ones are in the patterns I am most likely to buy as the predominant shape...depending on what suits my line best...and I will need to check them on and off pointe...with and without shrugs etc...to make sure I achieve the look I'm going for...one may be forgiven for thinking I am 'line' obsessed also...I AM! I dance ballet.  It's impossible to be unaware of your line when you dance!  


So with all those bits and pieces sorted out, my brother now has a commission for building the website - and he's a real computer nerd...I mean, genius of course!  But he does IT repairs and networking and web design and optimisation for a living and because I'm affiliated with OF (in as much as I will model exclusively for the shop and I will be the exclusive model for OF too) we're pulling out all the stops...I am really excited about that. 


I also got in touch with Maniac and discussed how we would manage the work for the shop and he's really excited too...lots of location ideas...mostly weather permitting ones unfortunately - hence just for the sake of checking the line of different patterns we hope to do a test shoot indoors but not with a view to creating artistic images...more to help define the style I will be modelling. 


I was planning to do the modelling work for Ophelia's Folly earlier this year but got more carried away with defining the New Pre-Raphaelite look and since the beginning of June the weather's been impossible.  Indoor shoots just don't look natural and organic enough...and don't create enough of a contrast between me and the set to really capture Pre-Raphaelite styles.  So despite the weather set backs and the challenges of working en pointe without always having a stable platform or flat ground (it's pretty precarious...but I've enlisted my dad and Daniel on coming up with ideas of how to make it safer with hidden platforms and stuff like that...Daniel usually 'roadies' so he has a vested interest in making sure any equipment I have isn't too much to take to a location because usually I'm pretty laden with clothes and pointe shoes and spare pointe shoes and my ipad to get the RAW files from Maniac after the shoot too...but I think it's viable.  Daniel's always cool with coming on location shoots because he loves hiking or running cross country so for him it's an excuse to do some sight seeing :D


All in all getting to the point where I am able to commit to the project with Ophelia's Folly has taken a lot longer than I anticipated.  Over the last 12 months, Mayastar, Maya Runes and Maya Magickal have all experienced unprecedented growth and I had to do quite a lot of work to streamline the administration side of things and organise the routine of the day...in order to fit in two attunement session, my personal meditation and manifestation work, any spellwork (personal or professional) 6-8 hours of dance a week, person study and ritual work...and still have time for a bubble bath and some reading...I have to be pretty disciplined now...whereas in the early days of Mayastar, because I enjoy the work so much that it didn't feel like work, I never treated it like work and did everything as and when...not very organised.  And by last year, that was clearly going to become a problem.  I had to organise the business side of things...and then organise my personal life.  But it's worked so well that Mayastar still has room to grow and I have more time for artistic pursuits and in particular modelling...which I love.  But I suppose I'm the kind of person where if you give me 4 hours of free time to watch a couple of dvds, I'm liable to be sewing elastics and ribbons on pointe shoes, making jewellery, restringing some pearls, sketching, writing lists...I am just that kind of person I guess.  But it would be a sign things were way too busy if I didn't have time in my life to sew ribbons on my ballet shoes!


Actually Mayastar is now really running at an optimal level - I have SOME free time these days and this month I'm even working the Killing Moon twice a day instead of once (that's 2 hours work a day for the Killing Moon alone and excluding other spell work but it can be done at any time...but to be able to fit it in is something I didn't imagine would happen when Mayastar grew so much last year.  I hear there is a recession...but I think perhaps it means people who would once have taken seminars and workshops to learn Reiki, now would rather do a distance learning course than pay hundreds for a few days tuition...well, that and the fact that students past and present recommend me...so over time that is a good thing...and also most people are online now so web-based tuition is more in demand.  People can buy a course from me and start it within 24 hours...and they can contact me by email for support at any time at all so they get much more individual and tailored tuition than other types of courses may be able to supply.  I think in all, it's a combination of things that led to the sudden expansion and it's a blessing for sure...but for a while when there seemed to be too much work I did consider I might have to downsize in order to make it manageable...I didn't thankfully...I got some professional advice and streamlined things...and 12 months on it's paying dividends...personally and professionally. 


I feel so blessed with my situation.  I think my life is in the 'best place' right now that it's ever been in.  I love running my own business.   I love ballet.  I love the creativity involved in subculture fashion and defining looks and styles and creating art through modelling.  I love playing my guitar.  I love reading my kindle.  I love working magick every day in one context or another, as well as sending attunements.  I love writing.  I love studying.  I love the fact that I can be nocturnal because I worked nights for a long time before I started working for myself and I loved it! (So did my nan, uncle, sister and mother so I think it's a family trait...either that or we're all raging insomniacs!).


I am amazed to find that I feel that with Ophelia's Folly I can not just maintain but further develop my art because of the style and quality of the designs Jane makes - they are original, elegant, really pretty...and they can't be mass produced. Also when it comes to developing different designs and choosing different colours to work with and so on, we share a common love of Pre-Raphaelite styles...so we often have very similar ideas when it comes to preferences...we work well together! 


Also, Jane's skilled in bespoke items and creating patterns and designs that could make ANYONE feel like a princess!  So her work is kind of addictive!  I think once people buy from Ophelia's Folly they realise just what it means to have quality materials, quality workmanship, flattering designs and original ideas all combined.   Definitely high end...it's great to be working with her knowing that the way I model and the style I work in is so congruent with the style of her designs...so working together in that context and exclusively means we both benefit from the work too...personally and professionally.  And in an ideal world, that's just how things should always be I think.  It's naff that many people have to work to make ends meet but hate what they do for a living...and for them their personal and professional lives are like separate entities...but when you have a vocation or you are doing what you love for a living...you are really living!  Again...I feel totally blessed! 


Anyway...it's been a productive and enjoyable day today...Killing Moon working and set up LOTS of attunements for people (about to do the emails now and the certificates)...had a 3 hour dance class too.  If I get my work done efficiently I will have time for a bubble bath...to steam some pointe shoes (for wearing as demi pointes as I don't like the fit), shellac the Novas as I will wear those for modelling (I liked the fit...but not as much as I liked the 2007s in the end)...so if I have the time I will sit down, put on a studio ghibli and sew ribbons and elastics on my spare pointes. 


Oooh - great lesson last night too - my dance teacher even commented that literally in the past few weeks my technique and strength have really come on massively.  Also, did pointe and then bootcamp to my Echo and the Bunnymen soundtrack...I LOVE them!  Reminds me of Wolf...we both listen to the Bunnymen a lot...and their recent work is as good as...or even better than the stuff I listened to as a teen! 


Man...I am too chirpy for my own good I think.  I suppose one of the great things about being an aspergirl is that because what other people think is so 'off my radar', I seem to enjoy more freedom in my life...other peoples' judgements are just noise to me!  And I feel free to live my life as I choose because social conventions are pretty much off my radar too...I can observe them...but mostly I choose not to play those games because they're so often compromised and absurd.  I have a life to live and I love living it.


Oooh...one other moment of bliss...not only is my latest from Ophelia's Folly arriving...today now as it's gone midnight, but so is a very special gift :O  A 30ml bottle of Chanel No. 5 Parfum...totally unadulterated by water and alcohol.  No. 5 is my favourite scent...so it's a very welcome gift!  It will be like Christmas morning tomorrow!


So that's me signing off with a smile on my face and wishing everyone a happy night/day depending where in the world you are!...now...just to back up my emails and file them and set the newsletter sending and I'm off for a well deserved bath followed by a well deserved bowl of soup (if it's not too hot to eat tonight...if it is, I expect I'll have a tin of tuna with lemon juice and ginger...mmmm...don't knock it till you've tried it!) XX


Please enjoy video below...the Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal...she's amazing...if you haven't heard it, her Moola Mantra is on Amazon and it's absolutely beautiful too X




About the Gayatri Mantra: The Gayatri Mantra is said to be the oldest and most powerful of mantras, being thousands of years old. It purifies the person chanting it as well as the listener as it creates a tangible sense of well being in whoever comes across it. Translated, it means "May all beings on earth reach enlightenment," but as with all mantras, the meaning of the Sanskrit words isn't as important as the effect the vibrations of the words have on the body and energy centers. (*Deva)


17th July 2012: A hectic evening...I really must write the manifestation and law of attraction course because things are manifesting soooooo well for me...I use these principles regularly and different methods suit different people but I am having the most incredible month...really pleased.  But really busy too so have to get on!  Please enjoy the beautiful slideshow and Heather Nova covering Like a Hurricane. Amazing stuff! <3





16th July 2012: Had a wonderful weekend. Weather continues to hold up the schedule for photo shoots...but I've done a vast amount of reading and writing. 


Hung out with Wolf a bit...mostly talking like nerds about the fantasy novels we're reading and me sympathising with him cos he's all miserable with man flu and all!


At the weekend I caught up with Mama Jane (Jane Arden). She's a real star...her designs are unique and the quality is out of this world.  I am really keen to promote designers that demonstrate creativity and artistry as well as skilled work...originality and excellent quality...good customer service to boot.  I have worked with a number of designers and I have to say, in my honest opinion Mama Jane and her designs for Ophelia's Folly are the highest quality and most consistent of any other UK based designers I have worked with or bought from. On a more global scale, I massively rate the work of Alina Ionescu (soooo Harajuku) and Wildskin (sooooo faerie!) are similarly original and innovative in their work and I think they really deserve the promotion and the increased business that association with NPR gives. 


In addition, I should mention that Mama Jane was instrumental in the founding of NPR...she really helped me and motivated me.  She's a genuinely positive and inspirational person.  She's amazing!  I love her - she's a fantastic friend <3


So, how's my day today???  I am loving Lana Del Rey...began a new Killing Moon for someone overnight so had a quite a busy one...up waaaay to late for my own good but want to sort a few bits out before I get to bed (and read more 'Game of Thrones'...how did I live without kindles??)...and all in all...kinda hungry now and wanna have a quick bath.  Feeling really positive about my plans for the coming year or so...not just for Mayastar - though I am working on new courses and that's always exciting...but also a couple of ideas for magickal workings and.


Very happy days :D


PS: Alina reckons we must be sisters because we both have Romany blood...we both love the same stuff to an extraordinary degree!  At the moment she is working on some bespoke items especially for me!!!!  I can't wait...gypsy, steampunk, princess, shabby chic, Harajuku flavour skirts!  Fantastico!  Wolf's gonna go crazy.  He loves Alina's styles too...I guess you can tell we're both ex-goths sometimes! LOL


11th July 2012: All is ready for the Killing Moon Spell that begins this week...I've had to be ingenious in my organising because I'm doing two workings a day.  At the moment the evening working will be for 4 people and the morning one for 2 :S  I may even that out if no one books the final places for it.  I don't think I'll offer this option again...summer is usually pretty quiet for sending attunements so it's viable to fit in an extra 'slot' in my routine but I think the rainy weather attracts more customers to online courses because June was monumentally active for Mayastar and Maya Magickal :D  That's the way I like it though...it always helps when I am running at capacity to check that I am doing things in the most efficient way. I love to have a routine when it comes to my work because I invariably get more done!  I have been working more on writing new courses...they are quite ambitious - large courses so I am hoping to have them ready within 2 months.  That's my conservative estimate!


A sad turn...on talking with a friend recently a rather negative and depressing series of incidents was discussed relating to bullying/harassment.  I am not oblivious to these things but generally v low vibe stuff that kind of passes me by so I don't consider it...and rarely witness it.  But there are people in the world who seem to have negative agendas...and time to invest in attempts to provoke or antagonise others...out of malice, spite, boredom, sadism...who knows?


It left me considering the motivations of these people...some would likely be psychopaths or sociopaths of course...but when sane people do insane stuff...what is their primary motivation?  They want to hurt others...but what for?  What do they achieve if they succeed in doing that anyway?  They successfully become a 'nasty piece of work'?  I can't imagine even the most ridiculous person would aspire to that.  So why do some people seem disposed to grudges, vindictiveness, deception, cruelty, spite, jealousy...all kinds of negative emotions that motivate them.  Rooted in fear?  A sense of inadequacy perhaps?  Low self-esteem.  I am not saying such 'villains' should be tolerated or their behaviour should be condoned or ignored; it should be resolved of course.  There is no justification for that kind of thing.  But as a great man once said, 'love the sinner and not the sin'...don't define people by what they do...but their actions have to be dealt with...the question of their motivation can't excuse that.  Like most serial killers are psychopaths...but about 1 in 100 people are technically psychopaths...clearly the vast majority are not serial killers.  And most people who live in fear or have low self esteem don't invest their time in trying to hurt other people in any way...people that do invest their time in deliberate or coordinated attempts to harm others in any way, should obviously pay the penalty for making that choice.  But equally, I think they need help in finding out what's so wrong with them that they have such outwardly and inwardly destructive habits - as they say, hating someone is like taking poison yourself and expecting them to suffer or die - it's usually the perpetrator that is more deeply damaged by such low behaviour and dishonourable conduct...they are the ones that have to live with the superficiality of their behaviour or the guilt or the legal consequences or the simple bitterness and jaded view of the world they inevitably would gravitate to.  They must have moments (unless they are psychopaths/sociopaths where it's actually a condition that motivates their behaviour...or doesn't prevent them acting out...making them effectively slaves to every emotional whim!) where they are alone with themselves and must feel lonely, cut off from the world, lacking in honour and integrity, like bad people because they are behaving like bad people...and most of them surely must sooner or later realise they are hurting themselves. 


It is sad to hear of the victims...but I do believe in these incidents, karmically the perpetrators pay (every act of will is an act of magick - so to deliberately try to torment another person would incur the same kind of karmic baggage as using black magick...no witch I've ever met ever has but I am sure the few that do pay a heavy price and karmically people who consciously and deliberately do things to harm others incur exactly the same penalty when it comes to universal law; karma is indiscriminate in the method and are no loopholes - if your intention is to harm and you do it by beating someone up, using black magick, bullying or abusing them - you still pay...and the universe is always just...and always seeks balance and harmony so it will always work to resolve karmic debt or imbalance...or to 'square things flat' - such as in the Killing Moon or Reversal Spell which work to resolve karma.


In addition though, the perpetrators must pay a high price personally - psychologically and even in the hormones and energy frequencies they subject themselves to by engaging in 'low dealing'.


Ultimately...they do themselves up in many ways.  So I do feel in some ways we should sympathise with people like that...if their lives are so miserable and lacking they consider such endeavours to be valuable to them in any way, it would suggest a very poor standard of living and endemic unhappiness. 


I may seem kind of clinical in my assessment...I don't have the same feelings as non-aspers in these kind of matters and for me the absurdity of such self-destructive behaviours even when it is another person being scapegoated  mostly leaves me wondering at the motivations of some people...what is it that they lack that makes them behave in a way that's so fundamentally harmful to themselves?  It seems crazy to the hyper-logical mind! 


I have been the victim of bullying in the past...even of abuse a very long time ago...and in many ways I suppose it 'touches' me less than others because of my aspergers; I don't hold grudges against the perpetrators because I don't care enough about them to spend time and effort doing that! And I don't take their issues personally.  Rather, I am wont I see their behaviour as being much more their problem than mine.  So for me personally and my experiences in the past,  where being victimised can be traumatic and stressful for some people, I feel that perhaps for aspergirls it's 'water off a duck's back' and stays off the radar!  That's the good side of being a born non-conformist - I am hard-wired to not require external validation...therefore, external invalidation is equally superfluous! LOL.


Perhaps because of the nature of my own work I  don't consider the reality that a shameful contingent might exist in other lines of business, schools, workplace, life.  As a Lightworker I tend to have contact with other Lightworkers and teachers; and my students and clients are spiritual seekers and I have never come across disreputable behaviour in this field.  I'm not saying that it doesn't exist...but it's not something I've ever come across. 


So...after considering it all...I decided it was no use trying to understand the motivations of people who were behaving irrationally because you can't rationalise with irrational people...the chances are they can't rationalise or justify their behaviour to themselves with any degree of genuine acceptance...if they did, they'd kind of be selling their soul...making a conscious choice to go 'over to the dark side'...they would be practising black magick through mundane means...and that should be condemned just as people would condemn the abuse of magick in that way.  In fact, you could summarise that the very few that indulge in this kind of primitive behaviour are abusing their position as a human being; we all have responsibility to ourselves and to others - when you disregard that, you're beyond selfish because you do more damage by existing than if you didn't exist at all.  People who consciously choose that path really should be stuck on an island somewhere so they can enjoy stabbing each other in the back and playing their little wargames...and leave the rest of the world to carry on in peace!  Because most of us are 'the rest of the world' :D


All in all I'm left feeling very upbeat.  I realise there are some poopie people in the world...and they exert an influence in all walks of life.  But they are ALWAYS a minority!


Most people are fundamentally decent, honest, honourable and principled.  So my advice to anyone (especially those involved in working with  the laws of attraction and manifestation) would be,  don't be afraid to 'cut the crap' because if you tolerate the intolerable you will find unworthy and disreputable people create more than their fair share of discord in their own lives...and yours if you let them!  So move on...be around people you resonate with...around people that inspire and uplift you.  And you will invariably find you are the happier for it! 


Albert Einstein once said the most important decision we had to make was whether we lived in a friendly or unfriendly universe...think about it...


I am absolutely resolved...and committed to continuing my life in this abundantly friendly universe! 


I advocate the empowering nature of simply considering oneself a lucky person.  I do,  and it's always worked well for me!  Magick may have given me a helping hand in preserving, maintaining and manifesting that 'luck'...but I truly believe, we get exactly what we deserve in life because we get exactly what we ask for!


We 'invoke', through our actions, beliefs, emotions, motivations, hopes and fears. So if someone wishes to live in state of malice, bitterness, selfishness, fear, greed, cruelty or spite...let them!  As a great man once said, "Turn the other cheek"...don't do this out of submission as if you are condoning the low behaviour of others...but out of defiance, don't even acknowledge them and refuse to be engaged with them in any way - simply choose not to credit them with a response; you can't reason with unreasonable people so why waste your time! 


Destructive people with destructive thoughts and destructive habits are never likely to amount to anything constructive...and only they can decide if they are going to live in a friendly or unfriendly universe.  If they choose unfriendly, and you don't, then realise you occupy a different world to the one they have opted for...and don't allow them to compromise, sway or motivate you if their fundamental motivations are incongruent with your own.  You can help some people...but only if they want to be helped.  Only they can decide which universe they will choose to live in.  So the best thing you can do for them, yourself and for the world, is to discard them, move on and carry on with your life regardless of the fact they still inhabit the same planet! (same planet...different universe!)


That's Anna's Philosophy 101 for an easy and fulfilling life!!


Happy days people...happy happy days :) <3


9th July 2012: I've been having a reasonable weekend...discussing project ideas with Robert West (Artist)...finished Wolf's Rain and then my best friend and soul mate, Wolf (another artist to boot) recommended a new fantasy series to me! And it's fantastic so far.  It's the Game of Thrones series by George Martin and I'm well into it already.  7 books are out for this series already and you can buy them as a collection for Kindle for 30 which is a real bonus...and I trust Wolf's literary tastes as well as I trust my own so I took the plunge!  Now I have months and months of reading...and even better, he's reading it at the same time so we can gossip about events in the book.  Neither of us are into TV so we usually have a lot to talk about but it's even better when we're reading or watching the same things at the same time!


Please find below a lovely video someone has made to one of my fave japa mantra tracks...amazingly gorgeous pictures from hubble.  I absolutely love it.  Hope you will too! X




4th July 2012: The latest newsletter is being sent out right now and I'm backing up my hard drive...and the rest of my admin I am doing on the iPad :D  I feel like a yuppie or something with all these gizmos! Mayastar's totally space age!


The very few customers that found Mayastar through eBay will notice I've removed the listings on there.  At the moment I am considering whether to shut the eBay shop completely; 99.9%of my customers find me online and very few come through eBay...so few that I've toyed with closing the shop a number of times because I don't maintain it.  I monitored the hits to to listings on there for a while...well...over all the cost of having an ebay shop was marginally profitable...but when it comes to the time, I think there are other areas that I can invest it in more productively.  So I'm going to leave it shut and see how it goes but keep the shop there for now in case I want to relist on eBay in the future...I doubt it but I'll keep my options open for a bit!


On another note...I've totally spring cleaned my bedroom and the temple...a bit late in the year for a spring clean I know but with photoshoots being rained off and ballet lesson shifted about I had some time on my hands and thought I'd give the place a thorough smudging...which turned into a thorough tidy up and cleansing ritual for the space.  I used to use the Violet Flame for that but I do more work in my temple than I used to because of the magickal work and so at least 2 or 3 times a day I spend an hour or two in there and I suppose you can get a little complacent when you know you'll be going back in, in a few hours!  Also because I work the reversal spell for myself each month and it's combined with the protection spell my personal energy remains uncompromised...but it's important to cleanse the working area too and really is something I should include when I do that particular working as it's not difficult to perform a banishing ritual at the end of a spell.   Either that or I shall resume my habit of cleansing the space with the Violet Flame after the evening attunement sending session! 


3rd July 2012: Busy busy bee here. I nearly messed up my diary by having the triple good fortune full moon spell scheduled on the wrong days; thankfully i noticed my error because I had the diary out to check dates for a shoot with Maniac and when he said what about the 2nd I said, 'No, I have magickal work that night' but then realised it wasn't in my diary! Well, I suppose I remembered it but I had put it in for the weekend out of habit I guess so I doubt I would have missed it because I knew the dates - but still I hadn't registered that it was already the end of June somehow...maybe the rain has me thinking we're still in April!  And from what I can gather I'm set to keep thinking it's April for another few weeks. Oh joy! Plays havoc with shoots because I can do dawn for location ones but I can only do evenings for indoor ones and most evenings I have magickal work; and those I don't I have ballet and zumba and sometime (like tonight) I have BOTH!


So the last couple of days turned out a little more busy than I had expected and there's one more night of Good Fortune working to go :D  But I do enjoy days where it's quite busy with attunements and magick because it stops me ending up reading for hours and hours of the day...and I get soooo addicted to books time can really run away with me. 


Anyway, the additional magickal work has given me time at the end of the ritual to fit in extra attunements too so things are very nicely up to date and everyone's attunements are ready soon than scheduled too now!  And I've been working on writing a ritual (which shouldn't require writing ironically...it will require choreographing!) that will be based on movement for communication of all the invocations and to communicate the purpose of the ritual and associated spell.  I want to dance the ritual en pointe because it seems like a natural way to increase my 'vocabulary' of movement since I already dance en pointe; but though I've worked silent rituals and shamanic rituals that involved sensory deprivation for the same purpose, this will be very different because ballet is definitely not a traditional shamanic style of dance.  But there's no reason at all it can't be used the same way (see Carroll's Liber Kaos).  I've had the idea to do this for ages and it naturally seems to lend itself to a ritual based on mythology surrounding the god Shiva: the Destroyer - especially in his form Natraja, dancing on demons.  It struck me that such a ritual may be a good way to perform the opening and closing rites for the Killing Moon spell...but I really need to experiment a little first with my own workings before I do that.  So we'll see how it goes I guess but I think it will go really well.


When it came to the question of whether I'd use music, at first I thought I wouldn't but later decided I would but I wouldn't use music with other associations; I have used Gabrielle Roth's music in wordless shamanic rituals before but for the rituals I have planned I need longer pieces of music and I think I may use some kirtan style japa mantras...I'm not decided but I have a good collection of them and so I'm currently going through my archives to check out what I think would be most suitable.  Otherwise I think I may choose Saint Saens Danse Macabre...I love it!


Please enjoy the embedded youtube vid below...Krishna Das singing Om Namah Shivaya Kirtan style...fantastico!




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