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Blog Archive May-June 2012



7th June 2012:  I have a hospital appointment this afternoon...likely followed by a late Starbuck's lunch with my mum and sister.  And this evening I have Zumba and a two hour ballet lesson so at the moment my sleep's in a bit of a muddle and I am liable to be a little behind on my admin work and email responses for a day or so!  Please bear with me as I will be all caught up by tomorrow!


I have just uploaded a personal essay about Aspergers...with information about it as well as personal experience of life as an Asper (I am pleased to say that I am one of those lucky people gifted with the 'genius syndrome'!)...I wouldn't claim to be a genius...but, that doesn't mean I'm not! LOL


I hope you will enjoy reading about it - especially if you don't know about Aspergers.  Many people know as much as 'it's a kind of autism'; well, yes, it is.  But everyone is on the autistic spectrum.  Men are higher on this spectrum than women. 


When they think of autism, most people immediately think of Rainman and negative associations of autistic traits...anoraks, train spotters, twitchers, IT geeks, mad scientists and nerds. 


It should first be pointed out people who have autism in the way of the character portrayed by Dustin Hoffman as Rainman have lower functioning autism; sometimes they manifest some high functioning trait that a photographic memory; but overall they have a lot of disability associated with their condition. 


In contrast, someone with Aspergers has a condition of higher functioning autism which means they have a lot of 'over ability' associated with it and are usually of average or above average intelligence.  They will often manifest specific talents and some specific difficulties but usually they have a balance of both.  So even within the range of people who have Aspergers you will find trainspotters, philosophers, politicians, artists, writers, inventors...all kinds of people.  But what they have in common is the fact that during their early development, their brain developed faster in some areas than others and so they experienced accelerated growth in intelligence (for example) while not developing as quickly in areas associated with sociability.


The result is that to a greater or lesser extent, Aspers are very self-contained and self assured compared to other people.  But the implications of that difference can have far reaching implications. 


For myself, Aspergers has been instrumental in creating a fulfilling, happy life for myself; it's been a real blessing for me.  Others may find Aspergers has caused them more difficulties than blessings.  But you'll rarely find and Asper who would trade their brain for a Neuro-Typical one!  So even with its challenges, most Aspers find the pros outweigh the cons for them personally.  And I hope my essay will give you an understanding of what it is like to be 'in this world, but not of it' :D


To read my essay...please follow this link...


6th June 2012: I am going to be pretty knackered for the next few days - much to do!  I have just updated the special offers for Mayastar that are available to newsletter subscribers...somehow I managed to make updating the website take half the night responding to personal mail and browsing the net...


Though it's not my fault...I had a double ballet lesson with Lisa and she got me some of my favourite Osmo Hair Repair conditioner too!  She is such a sweetie.  We did an hour's zumba and then 2 hours of ballet including pointe.


I am very unsure about the width of my Grishkos now they've got a good demi pointe...I think instead of 4x I should have a 2x.  But I have some Nova's coming...which will be a 3x fitting and have a wider platform and less tapered box so as soon as they arrive I will start wearing them and see how they break in and decide then whether 2007s or Novas are the best shape for me; hard or medium shank; and whether 3x should go down to a 2x.  When I am certain of the fit I'll order another pair of whichever is the pointe shoe of choice from Grishko directly (it's frustrating they take so long to arrive from Russia but it's worth it to have quality handmade shoes and they will customise them for no extra charge very often so they really are excellent), and a pair of demi pointes in whatever the pointe shoe of choice turns out to be...wow...it's such a looooong process getting the perfect shoe.  But I have no doubt it will be a Grishko of some kind!


I have to stay up today for an appointment tomorrow and then a 3 hour dance class in the evening. 


I think I'm going to lose a few lbs too...not a lot but in my most recent shoot I definitely think my face looks kind of puffy in a way it doesn't normally...I'll cut out the carbs for a bit :)


My brother should be up soon and it's a double Apprentice to watch on catch up!  Brilliant.  I love it.  I wonder if he has another pizza left....NO!!! CARBS!!! See how quickly my resolve fades?  That's shocking! LOL


But for now duty calls...it's time to hang up two weeks worth of leotards to dry...you know I really don't like cotton lycra now.  I love Bloch leos...but I am thinking of switching to Plume nylon/lycra ones.  I used to hate artificial fibres like that but somehow they don't soak up the sweat of a 3 hour class the way cotton does...not pleasant.  If I get new leos I'm going to get new shorts and crop tops, wraps and shrugs to match and revise my whole ballet bag from black and pink to white and pink.  I wonder if that's my Pre-Raph wardrobe infiltrating my ballet bag??  Well, if I start teastaining it all we can be certain it is!


Ho hum...better do the chores while the newsletter sends so I can chill out and read my book after the Apprentice...or watch some of that documentary 'She Wolves' about former 'nearly-queens' of England.  Strangely I'm reading the book and a documentary based on it came on before I finished.  I can't help watching it - it's fascinating! XX


5th June 2012: I am having the most wonderful year this year!  Having streamlined the administrative side of Mayastar & Maya Magickal (with a few hiccups along the way),  I have worked hard at ballet and my pointe technique...and then did some modelling work...found that subculture fashion modelling wasn't for me as being told what to do and how to pose and what to wear goes against the grain!  As an aspergirl I suppose my independent, bohemian and subversive streak is kind of hardwired into me and if my heart and soul aren't in something then I simply can't 'waste my time' living at half mast.  As they say, 'If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room!'.


So over time I have worked on developing my style...my modelling style...perfecting my ballet technique...defining the Pre-Raph look and the Romantiqua Couture style that goes with it (a contemporary twist that I feel is very much in-keeping with the philosophy of the original PRB!)...and seeking artists and photographers to work with that share my passion in creating and promoting art and creativity in all forms.  And once I had really established the direction I wanted my creative work to take and that I wanted to COLLABORATE with artists as a muse as opposed to being a posable, malleable, blank canvas of a model...I wasn't sure if any artists would even appreciate this - as if I might be stepping on their toes by asserting my own creativity within theirs if that makes sense! 


But as it is, there is a niche for my niche and even a demand for it.  I've been contacted by a lot of photographers and I know that most of them just want to photograph me because I'm 'different' and it would boost their portfolios; if I wanted to boost my portfolio and that was my purpose and my endgame that would be cool.  But I soon found that was not what I'm 'in it' for.  I don't just want to promote artists and designers through the New Pre-Raphaelite Movement but also myself as a work of art through my creative expression as a New Pre Raph muse and pointe model.


Working with Maniac (my new photographer) has really helped me to feel the difference between being a model and being me...and Maniac has encouraged me and inspired me by not just allowing me to 'do my thing' but by being prepared to experiment and really develop things from the ground up.  It's refreshing and the kind of creative fulfilment I remember from a time before worldly concerns became...concerns!


I have sought and found some wonderful designers and 'fashion as art' advocates; Jane Arden of Ophelia's Folly,  Alinia Ionescu of Radusport and Jojo of Wildskin make amazingly original clothing designs that suit my style well but are simply exquisite because they are so unique!  And other designers that make accessories like Curiology and Beasley's Wonders, Fait Avec and Folk - the quality of the work and the originality is amazing. When you begin to look you find that the web has opened up a whole new world and made art in every form accessible to people in a way it never was before.


I've also had positive contact with a few artists who are interested in supporting this work too and I am looking forward to working with them...promoting them...and seeing how that side of things develops!


A number of people have suggested I make my own clothes...something I haven't done since I was in my early twenties.   At first I kept thinking, I don't have time; I don't think I can do that as well as other things.  But I'm biting the bullet now because as I've further defined my trademark style (Romantiqua Couture), people have inquired about where they can buy it...and others who know me have said I should be making my own clothes again and not just promoting other designers.  At first...that didn't seem viable...it takes time and work...could I really do it?  Well...I believe I can because I have streamlined things with my magickal work, attunement sending and Mayastar so that time for ballet and creative work is now available.  And it's so fulfilling to spend my 'spare' time doing the kind of work that I can put my heart and soul into the way I do with my vocational work for Mayastar and Maya Magickal!


So I've got together the fabrics, trim and bits and pieces I've collected over the years and some clothes that deserve a good upcycling!  And also have bought a new sewing machine (my old one was really too fancy for anything i would want to use it for and the fancier it is, the more there is to go wrong!).  And I've ordered a variety of fabrics and trim and ribbon and bits and bobs from eBay that I can combine to create some 'fashion as art' designs to enhance my Romantiqua Couture look :D  I am very excited and can't wait to get started.  I may sell some of my designs later if I end up in a creative frenzy...but at this stage my focus is on creating things that I can wear and model to further define myself as a work of art :D  I must sound crazy - but I think underneath all of that superficiality and the restriction of social mores and conventions, we are all artists and all works of art...and I hope that my own work will inspire some  to express that!  I endeavour to inspire people and empower them through my magickal work and in my capacity as a spiritual facilitator...and this feels like a natural development of my raison d'etre!


So I'm on creative high tonight and feeling very positive and inspired.  But I had better get my bottom in a bubble bath pronto, have something to eat and get to bed because I have 3 hours of dancing tonight and I want to be tip top for that! XX


Love to all and peace out! <3


4th June 2012: 


I am strong

because I know my weakness.
I am beautiful

because I see my flaws.
I am a lover

because I have felt hate.
I am fearless

because I have been afraid.
I am wise

because I have been foolish.
And I can laugh

because I have known sadness.



And now I know...mushroom soup and soldiers, a Robin Hobb novel...and time for bed! XX



3rd June 2012: Oopsie - later and later! My Chihuahua has fleas and my brother's all in a panic about Charlie's discomfort and that the frontline doesn't work fast enough!  Then my dad played me a new Cajun song he wants us to learn for Plotlanders...I grudgingly admit it's a good song but I think we'll have to change the key because I totally couldn't find my voice...but think my Daisy Rock Rainbow Sparkle's heading for an outing soon.  Apparently it's supposed to rain all week so my next photoshoot may not be for a while...which may be good cos I have some great ideas for it...but I need to lay some groundwork...hmmm...(Anna schemes...and nods sagely...)


So now I've had a band summit, a flea summit, fixed my website glitches and totally had my fill of Vivaldi's Cello Concertos overnight I am going to catnap so I can get up in time for the scheduled attunement in a couple of hours and complete the Triple Working.  Then I'll see how I feel.  I have a ritual of my own to complete but it's not pressing.


And once that's finished I really must get the elastics and ribbons sew on my new pointe shoes and flats in time for my next ballet lesson...and I then I must get the Daisy Rock down and start toughening my fingers back up!


Oooh yes - reception of the pix from the first shoot with Maniac's been really good too!  It's good to get the feedback because I may have in mind what I want and be pleased with them but it's always interesting to see what other people think.  I am finding the process so creative and feel soooo inspired.  I love it! :D  Happy days!



3rd June 2012:  Well past my bedtime! I've been fixing website glitches overnight and as always, that kind of thing ends up taking longer than I expect...and using more concentration than seems feasible!  Time for me to chill out...have a scheduled attunement to work to tonight and then the final working in the Good Fortune Drawing triple spell later. 


I have upgraded my Model Mayhem account and updated the profile on there too: Anna Louise May - hopefully will find some artists I can work with to promote through New Pre-Raphaelites...there are some excellent artists on there but I don't drive...this could prove tricky.  I am sure I'll find the right people at the right time and it will all be right...I'm like a cat that way - always land on my feet :D XX



2nd June 2012: Having a busy one this weekend with quite a lot of magickal work to do.  The night owl in me loves nights when I am working ritual because it sort of structures the night whereas attunement times come at the beginning and end of my day.  I guess I like routine...though I never seem to have managed to knuckle down to a routine when it comes to the administration side of things!  I guess I prioritise the practical and creative side of my work and then do the administration as when it fits in around the other parts!  It's working well so far so I shouldn't berate myself for not running Mayastar and my life like a military operation!


My work for this evening and this morning is now up to date though so it's time for a well deserved bubble bath...I have a new waterproof cover for my kindle so I'll be reading more of the final book in Robin Hobb's Soldier Son Trilogy.  I'm soooo into it.  I almost can't wait to finish either because another book has come out in the Rainwild series and I want to know what Tintaglia and the other Dragons and Paragon and the other liveships have been up to while I've been reading other stuff! LOL


I've got to prepare some new pointe shoes for modelling and some new flats for ballet lessons before bed too...I think I will watch a Studio Ghibli anime while I do and then I'll have something to eat and read some more before bed.


Wow...I'm nothing if not a geek huh? 


Ooooh - but have been discussing next shoot with Maniac so that should be soon. 


 I must admit I had never considered how creative a process modelling is but I find it wonderfully fulfilling to be able to combine so many elements of what inspires me in one activity.  It's really amazing.  So I'm looking forward to the next shoot.  Me and Maniac definitely have some chemistry so we work very well together and I'm expecting we will develop some great work between us!


31st May 2012: A busy night sorting out the images from the last shoot.  I favour some of the ones that are slightly out of focus...I think it's a personal preference but they seem to give a more artistic feel.  I am soooo pleased with them though - some of the contrasts are really dramatic and the general vibe of the shoot is very natural.  It's definitely the most artistic work I've been involved in to date.


I am looking at arranging a studio shoot with another photographer possibly later this month and I am hoping to wear Lovechild Boudoir for that shoot too.  With Maniac we plan another one as soon as the weather's suitable and we're both free...I've got to sort out some pointe shoes for it and a few things to help with moving around a site even when conditions are good - so that I can safely stand on a firm surface whatever the conditions too.  So a few things to sort out but the next outdoor shoot I want to wear dark colours from LCB again because the contrast is really dramatic with the neutral colours of Romantiqua Couture.


After that I want to do a shoot in the clothes by Alina Ionescu of Radusport - they are amazing and truly unique and I look forward to that! 


When I began the modelling work for the New Pre-Raph movement I honestly didn't expect to find it such a creative and fulfilling process but modelling is an art in itself and pointe modelling presents it's own unique challenges too.  I love combining my design work, modelling and ballet in this way; it's definitely got me inspired.  So much of my work involves writing and study and a good deal of spiritual work and I find that extremely fulfilling as a vocation but when it comes to my personal time, I have always dedicated much of it to ballet and to reading...sadly I've let other more organic creative pursuits lapse and it's only now that I realise how much they recharge me and I really believe the healing effect of self expression through any creative work is the most intense. 


As founder of the NPR Movement's philosophy I can honestly say I believe in it...but experientially I absolutely swear by it! <3


I've just added some of Maniac's work to the gallery so please check it out! X


29th May 2012: I've seen some of the pix from the first shoot with Maniac and I'm really pleased.  I emphasised I wanted a dark oppressive feeling and lots of shadow and the location was perfect (dense woodland).  It had its challenges with the ground and having to wear duff shoes...and I seem to be covered in gnat bites now!  But overall I think it's some of the most original and natural work I've done.  Maniac wants to keep this creative art work side of his photography separate from his main work...I totally understand that.  And I had discussed with him how I really wanted to achieve interesting and artistic images and not generic or overly produced ones.  He took me at my word and suggested he start by using just the camera on outdoor shoots and see what comes up...and then take it from there.  Some of the images are very dark and shady and despite the fact I'm sporting a corset, silk bustle, ballet tights, a very tidy bun and pointe shoes, it gives a very 'fey' ambiance - in fact it reminds me a little of the poem Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti (a favourite of mine).


I look forward to working more with Maniac and we're planning a shoot at the weekend...though, the weather doesn't look promising so I won't hold my breath but it is a fun way to work...both of us have ideas and we seem to be on the same wavelength.  He knows the area well so he has some ideas for future location shoots too.  I just hope we aren't in for too soggy a summer! XX


28th May 2012: The first photoshoot with Maniac when really well this morning.  It was a gorgeous day and though conditions weren't perfect for pointe we got some great pix.  I've ordered a new pair of Grishkos specifically for modelling in because the Nova's from Russia may take a little while to arrive and the 2007s I'm wearing for classes are ok...just slightly too tapered for my foot.  But they have really good support and today I wore Bloch Serenades because I didn't mind if they got ruined but they were terrible - no arch support and they're just too wide for me - a really awful fit and it made posing for any length of time a bit of a trial.  We spend a couple of hours and I modelled in silk sets from Lovechild Boudoir including the Company of Wolves Bustle which is one of my favourites! 


When they are processed I'll add the pictures the gallery and to my portfolio page on www.newpreraphaelite.net


In other news, for those who would like to keep up with my personal tweets as well as the New Pre-Raph updates and Mayastar/Maya Magickal, I have a new twitter! www.twitter.com/annalouisemay and on Facebook too - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anna-Louise-May/386778214690567


For New Pre-Raphaelite updates www.twitter.com/newpreraph


For Mayastar updates www.twitter.com/mayastar


26th May 2012: You may LOL when you hear what the problem with my computer turned out to be...at first I was worried it could be a hardware fault but it could just as easily have been a software problem but not one I could sort out...anyway, my IT checked all the stuff I did and some other complicated stuff...and then discovered I'd somehow pressed the button to switch wireless off on the notepad but because there is no clear indicator that it's switched on or off, neither of us realised it was just that.  I'm glad he spent just as long as me to find out it was a simple case of pressing the 'on' button!


Anyway, I have just finished emailing out the certificates from attunements over the last 2 days and also send out the course information for new orders and responses to any emails I had received so if you haven't received anything and were expecting to, please email me again just in case anything went missing or was overlooked while I was trying to email from my mobile in the meantime!


Now my work is finished for the evening and I plan to take a well earned break, put my feet up and read some more Robin Hobb (I get soooo into my books now that Kindle makes them so accessible...btw, I have found you can read Mayastar Manuals on a Kindle or other pad but the formatting and conversion for some units means they don't always appear as well set out or display the images as well as printing them out...but if you have a ebook reader of any kind, it's an option you can use as the security settings on the pdfs allow this!) XX


Wishing you all a great weekend! XX


25th May 2012:  A strange day...wonderful ballet lesson and zumba class in the evening but it was sooooo hot I actually had to change leotards in the middle!  I am joined by someone who is more my level in ballet than the person who was doing lessons with me before...we had a great time and it was refreshing to spend time with someone who loves dance and music...and Taylor Swift as much as I do!   I look forward to bootcamping with her next week too!


My computer is being really weird; the wireless is connecting on my phone but not on the computer for some reason so I can't upload the updated sites (including this blog) until my IT guy has a look at it tomorrow.  The wireless is working at least because my phone is picking it up...I get fed up with gizmos...but my trusty duo has never done this before so I hope it's not a hardware problem.  I think I have a wireless dongle somewhere but...it would take me longer to find it than to get the problem fixed!


I had some magickal work to do after my super ballet marathon...everything when well on that front and so I'm feeling very relaxed...but still way too hot - I would guess it's very humid but since I can't get on the net I can't even check the weather!


Last night I came to a decision regarding the work I have done with the photographer I'd been working with until now and my final decision was made based on contract terms he had added that I couldn't have agreed to without restricting my ability to publish the photographs...rendering them essentially useless to me!  Those that he has already taken we share the copyright on and so I can use those but though he actually owes me several shoots based an our original agreement, I don't intend to work with him again and have decided to forfeit those hours and begin my work with another photographer straight away; it isn't a decision I made based only on the terms of the contract but something I have considered over recent weeks. Charles is a great wildlife photographer but I feel that the more experimental and innovative work I want to explore may be more productive with someone I resonate better with.


The prospect of working with people who share a love of art and dedication to creative pursuits similar to my own definitely inspires me more! I guess I'm a bit of a bohemian and I think if you are that way, your priorities tend to be somewhat at variance to the mainstream!  (But when I consider the mainstream, I definitely don't consider being at variance to it to be a downside...I'd consider compliance to be a massive compromise...and I have too much bohemian integrity to be able to live with that! LOL).


So I will be working with different photographers but most of my work with be with "Maniac" (his nickname!! LOL - and not after William Holman Hunt either...he's an independent 'maniac'!).  Anyway, we have a shoot scheduled for this weekend and the weather promises to be good to us...we have several locations in mind but will play it by ear as much depends on the site when you actually get there as to whether pointe modelling is safe...or even possible.  But I am certainly looking forward to it and to collaborating with and promoting other photographers and photographic artists in the future too.  


This development feels like a wonderful opportunity because it opens up a lot more possibilities for my work and for its evolution...and a lot more creativity as I'll be working only with people who are inspired and inspirational...I have always considered that inspiration cuts both ways and those people that I inspire invariably inspire me too - and that can only lead to more exciting projects and work for me and those I work with! So, I'm pretty excited looking forward to the shoot at the weekend now. 


I'm planning to model the Lovechild Boudoir silks I intended to model during rainy April and I LOVE them - they are so well made.  I am somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to silk and bustles as I wear them so much and nothing comes close to LCB's silks in my personal view; they are the best made and best quality and fastest delivery...they have a good deal of experience working with and sourcing the best fabrics and their quality is always 'a cut above' (pardon the pun) to what you expect.  I can't wait to model in them! XX 


22nd May 2012:  An almost disappointing evening...my ballet teacher cancelled because she's ill...she managed to limp through zumba but no ballet and no pointe for me today.  Though it's been sooooo hot...I have a photoshoot scheduled next week but if the weather holds out I may see if I can do a crack of dawn location shoot because for the New Pre-Raphaelite style, natural backdrops certainly give a much better feel to the work and I think the results are more inspirational.  I'll have a word with my photographer and see what's the what next week!


Other than that for those in this month's Killing Moon ritual, the opening ritual will be tonight :D XX  I want to do it shortly before bed as I have some personal ritual work that I would like to complete afterwards and that should be done just before I turn in so it looks like it will be a truly magickal night despite missing ballet!


21st May 2012:  Have just caught up with the admin work for the last few days.  The new Avalonian Energies course is now available through Mayastar - for more information please visit www.mayastar.net/aac.htm 



In other news...I am on the second book of the Soldier Son Trilogy by Robin Hobb...I do love my fantasy novels.  I found this one really slow to get into for some reason but now I can hardly put it down.  If you like fantasy novels the Assassin Trilogy, the Tawny Man ones, the Liveship ones and the Rain Wilds ones are all fantastic.  Robin Hobb is probably my favourite author in this genre...closely followed by Trudi Canavan!


I've also had a messy weekend teastaining corsets and satin skirts and doing some design work for Romantiqua Couture which I intend to model in a month or so.  As yet the weather isn't suitable for an outdoor shoot because my pointe shoes would 'melt' in minutes...so I have an indoor shoot planned which is kind of nice because I'll be able to wear my Grishko pointes; these are a much better fit, very comfortable and create a much better line...but they are also a lot more expensive than my Bloch ones so when I'm clambering over rocks a castle ruins I may have to resort to the unbreakable Bloch shoes for those shoots. 


I have been discussing the photographic work with Charles a lot recently and we've developed more ideas for defining the New Pre-Raphaelite style...so we'll be doing a lot of experimenting with lighting and effects to see how it all works together and hope to bring some interesting and increasingly artistic work to you over the coming months! 



16th May 2012:  Had a wonderful ballet lesson tonight...one hour of Zumba and then two hours of ballet...then rushed back hoping to watch the last of this season's Supernatural's only to find there's another one next week! LOL!  So I get to look forward to it all over again!  BONUS!


I am sorting out the website updates tonight so that tomorrow night I won't have too much admin work when I send the up to date newsletter and run all the back ups for student records (Wednesday tends to be my busy night for that).  So tonight I'm up late because I have a magickal working to do for myself...I try to do my own away from weekends as I try as much as possible to keep the weekends available for clients.  Most often I'm working good fortune spells on Friday that is ruled by the planet Venus or Reversal ones on Saturdays which is ruled by Saturn.  Less often Sundays tends to lend itself to prosperity workings and psychic development ones on Monday which is ruled by the moon!  So it's all very organised but it means I do try as much as possible to keep those nights free after attunement sending and my personal magickal workings I work with my own cycles to enhance.  Now...that's organisation huh? XXX


Love to all and hope you're having a great night! X



14th May 2012:  In more mundane news...having some issues with my Grishko pointe shoes...suspect they are too tapered for my feet (oh the misery of wearing sensible shoes and healthy bare feet for a lifetime...they're as straight as when I was a kid!)...so it looks like I will be spending the evening trying to sort out my Bloch Serenades for my class 2mrw.  Ah well.  It's a process of elimination I guess. 


I've got some spats, a bustle and a sash coming from Radusport by Alina in Romania; my favourite art clothing designer!  I love her work and can't wait until I get to do a shoot and really show it off.  I have a TON of corsets and petticoats to teastain ready for the next shoot but since the weather's still not suitable I will wait for the weekend and try to get them all done in one go.  


Anyway...guess I'd better get on sorting out this pointe shoe thing or I won't have time for a bubble bath...and there's nothing worse than that! XX


12th May 2012:  I have been up writing all night...now I think I'll relax, have a bowl of soup and soldiers and watch the rest of 'As You Like It'...I love Shakespeare and totally recommend to anyone who hasn't given it a go.  Then I think I'll read a bit more of my Robin Hobb novel on kindle before I sleep.  Current fave music to wake up to is a mix of Lady Gaga's latest album and Lana Del Rey (I have to have music to wake up to...I think I've been addicted to music since...well, I can't remember a time I wasn't!).


I am hoping the new Avalonian System will be released by the end of this month.  The system is very exciting and although I was working with AAP when I began channelling the new attunements, the energy is very different; the application is very different and focused very much on spiritual ascension.  It complements AAP very well...but it is a very unique system and unique energy to work with.  The energy for the system is evoked exclusively with mantras...I will be experimenting with the energy before I make the system available to others of course because I need to understand how it works experientially before I can effectively facilitate for others.  But it is an exciting development for Mayastar and not something I was expecting...but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.  I will keep you all updated as we go! X





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