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How Magick Works

Magick, when used responsibly can be used to affect our future/destiny so that it conforms to our will.

Destiny is shaped by our past and present actions rather than set in stone before we arrive at certain points in our life.  It's kind of  'fluid' and I like to view it as a river that follows the path of least resistance; the path is shaped by our actions and can be adjusted through magick. 

The spells I work shape the path that the river of life will flow down but they will never work contrary to anyone best interests (i.e. - they don't manipulate people and won't work against your nature) because that creates resistance in a person's life and is akin to building a dam in the river to FORCE the flow. 

Working in that way creates weak and often, ineffective spells that may show temporary results but ultimately don't 'take' - any changes are fleeting and the energy of the spell is wasted.  Working with what you already have rather than against it is the way to bring the most powerful changes into your life.  If you dam the river of your life by forcing a different flow that's against what you already have rather than an adjustment to it, either the dam needs maintenance long term to maintain the new flow or sooner or later, the natural order of things will be restored (and this can cause a lot of upheaval).  So it's important that magick is used in a responsible way. 

In the northern tradition we believe in 'wyrd' which is a similar concept to 'karma'.  It's basically the natural, universal law of cause and effect.  Through wyrd, you have drawn to yourself particular circumstances and energies over the course of your life; you've probably also allowed other people to affect you and your wyrd too.  And these 'strands' all combine in the present to make a different 'futures' more probable than others.  So when I work for you, I deal with your situation as it is already 'woven'.  And rather than 'stick patches' on a problem area (as some spell-casters who use 'one size fits all' formulae), my magick works to 're-weave' any problem areas so that the results are permanent; every spell is individually cast and unique. 

Often when situations arise where strong emotions are involved, all we want to do is fix it immediately; solve the problem by turning the clock back.  But obviously this isn't possible but it's also not sensible; I can't undo time with my spells. But life will bring change naturally - and through magick, I can help you to steer your life towards the changes that are right for you; magick can help speed up change as well as help you move on from the past in order to create your life anew; magick can help you become more receptive to the manifestation of your true desires.  This is what I do for you when I work magickally on your behalf. 

Ultimately, your soul purpose is to find contentment, love and joy in life: That's the soul's natural state.  Magick helps us by aligning us with our true spiritual desires so that we may find genuine and lasting fulfilment and happiness.  This is my desire for all my clients and so you can always be assured that I have your best interests at heart and would do nothing that might affect your life negatively in the long run.  As I've emphasised, magick is very powerful and must be used responsibly;  I have 20 years experience in working magick and you can be assured of my integrity and ability.

Magick can open so many doors and so many possibilities; it's important that once I have worked a spell you try not to DECIDE how it will manifest.  This is because that may impede the power of the spell and dilute the intention behind it; this won't stop the spell working but it can change the way it manifests or make the result take longer to show up.  It's a bit like if you were to put a plaster on a cut and then keep peeling it back to have a look to see if it'd healed yet - you'd make it take longer and maybe even irritate the surrounding skin by messing around with it! So, after I work a spell on your behalf, it's best to forget all about it and let it work; be open to all possibilities.

For more information about me, my history and how I work, please follow this link... 


First published on www.mayamagickal.net 2009