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Blog Archive February-March 2012


18th March 2012:  The Triple Reversal of Ill Fortune working is going fantastically well.  I've had a hectic day so far!  I am going to do the Mayastar admin emails and certificates before I have I start the ritual now.  Loving Michelle Branch and the Wreckers today! X <3  Oooh...and work is progressing very well with Romantiqua Couture...it will be a while for the site to be ready as someone else is doing the website work but in the meantime I have a couple of photoshoots lined up and more design work.  It's coming together very well.  People are responding so well to the Philosophy of Romantiqua when they read about it and are on board with the non-conformity and self expression ideals through all creative mediums...creativity as soul expression and in the case of Romantiqua Couture, Fashion as art!  I am sooooo passionate bout the work.  It ties in so fundamentally with Mayastar's philosophy and feels like a natural progression of the work I've been doing for the last 8 years...I suppose you never know what direction any kind of work will take you in but I must admit, Philosophy and fashion design were not what I had imagined! :D 


16th March 2012:  Well, I knew it would be a late one!  I've had a lot of magickal work over this week and will have this weekend too; increasingly people are finding as I did myself...when you are successful a lot of people harbour negativity towards you and those negative intentions (whether they are from jealousy or feelings of inadequacy they recognise in themselves when they 'compare' their fortune to yours) can have an impact on your life. 


I use magick habitually as a kind of maintenance to reverse this effect and also use the good fortune working, every month as a precaution.  And it certainly keeps things running very well.  I seem to lead a somewhat charmed life compared to those around me in many ways.  I do work hard and I do focus and do my work kind of thing; but I am sure magick has played a role.  I have been in contact with over 1200 students and clients over the past 7 years and with the kind of work I do, I believe it wouldn't have been possible to achieve what I have without experiencing negative effects from some of those contacts.


Other clients have the same problem with business associates and work colleagues and people/situations they can't avoid and have found great success with the reversal spell or a combination of having the reversal and good fortune spells worked each month for them as an ongoing precaution...and so...


You will be HAPPY TO HEAR that I've just finished this month's newsletter; I need to upload the site and send the newsletter before I can get some much needed shuteye but until the 28th March a TRIPLE WORKING of the Good Fortune Drawing Spell is available with a DOUBLE DISCOUNT! (The spell will take place on the 6-8th April so if you want to maximise the efficacy of the working and benefit from the double discount of this offer, you have time if you are quick, to buy the Reversal Spell for working before the Good Fortune Spell through www.mayamagickal.net  - this is always the best way of combining these workings.  The reversal clears the slate so you are working from a level playing field karmically before any other working is carried out.  I can't recommend it highly enough! 


In addition to this, the next KILLING MOON SPELL will be due to begin on the 31st March; Saturday the day of Saturn.  A very potent time.  As you know this particular working is timed to coincide with my own cycle.  It's a very intensive working - it could be considered as a reversal spell carried out on a daily basis for 30 days on your behalf but where the reversal spell is left to 'unfold' its effects over a gradual period, ALL ASPECTS OF NEGATIVE KARMA - such as those relating to people, places, habits etc, are dealt with and any karmic debt someone 'owes' you that keeps you linked to them is severed and the karma is worked out so that the link can't be reformed.  In effect the Killing Moon spell focuses on all negative Karmic attachments that are assigned to you; and it breaks them but ensures the 'debt' that enforced or maintained the link is resolved and any karmic debt someone owes you is resolved fully so the link isn't re-established.  It is very intensive and has very fast results and far reaching implications.  If you would like to be included in the next working for this spell I only offer it to four people each month because of time limits and the intensity of the work...I wouldn't be able to allocate more time on a daily basis if I kept the option always open to all comers at all times!  So if you would like to be included there are 3 places left for the end of March Killing Moon.  You can make this purchase through the website or if preferred I can invoice you for it through paypal if you contact me by email mayastar@mayastar.net


In addtion...EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS!!!! The Amara Omni Course and the COMPLETE set of the Celestial Encodings (1-9) - which will be of interest to anyone with Pleiadian interests or resonance, will be available to newsletter subscribers with 20% off!  


15th March 2012: A hectic few days with lots of ballet, lots of work and ritual work so my sleep has been all over the place!  This weekend is the Ill-Fortune Reversal Triple Working too so I will be keeping odd hours for the next few days.  Thank you to those that have emailed such supportive and positive messages regarding Romantiqua and the blog too.  I am glad you enjoy the updates and the photos.  I am sure it will help me to keep everyone up to date. 


Oooh...quick note too - the newsletter is late this week but some great special offers are coming up for subscribers so if you're not already subscribed, please email mayastar@mayastar.net and request a copy! XX <3


11th March 2012: It has been a busy week for Mayastar and Maya Magickal.  Also much work on the Romantiqua Co-op Site...it's hard to fit it all in but the facebook page is ready and things are coming together! Very exciting - but a lot of work getting things ready.  Follow this link to follow The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement: omantiqua on Facebook, The New Pre-Raphaelite Movement: Romantiqua on Twitter.


I am very passionate about the ideals, ethics and principles that form the philosophy behind this unique subculture genre and hope you will enjoy reading about them and find them as inspirational and empowering as those of us involved in conceiving, defining and promoting the movement have been! <3 Love to all!


Please note I am having a problem accessing my email at the moment due to overfilling the archive folder; I will try to resolve this as my IT guy is away until this evening.  If there are delays I apologise but assure you I will deal with emails as soon as they are able to get through to me.  I can access them on my mobile phone but sending responses from there is very slow progress and I'm unable to send attachments.


3rd March 2012: The change over for the Killing Moon Spell this month went really well and feedback from clients has been incredible.  A very intense but very powerful working.  I haven't had time to update my blog because the magickal work's been quite intensive and I've been doing promotional work for Romantiqua...designing some of the new range with Lily too!  Very exciting but it's definitely kept me on my toes (if you'll pardon the pun!). 


My heels are nearly healed (pardon the other pun!).  And the latest Barbie Movie came out; Barbie in a Mermaid's Tale 2.  It was really good.  The animation was really good and the overall message of being true to yourself was ever present (which I expect is why I love them so much!) but this had really good humour in and some good music too.  I always look forward to the next one...in the Autumn I can look forward to seeing Barbie in...'The Princess & the Pop Star'....I know!  Sounds dreadful and cliched or something...but the trailer looked great and I'm already excited :D  I'm so sad!


And this may seem a strange thing to be excited about but as most of you know the clothes I model for Romantiqua Couture are the clothes I wear day to day (without the ballet shoes generally!).  Often dressed down a bit more in broderies and prints but the style is the same and that's why I'm being involved in the design work because I was involved in the design work of my own wardrobe.  Well, the corsets I wear are called 12 boned corsets; they are not particularly well made...they are a step up from fashion corsets but they are not the best quality. 


24th February 2012: Wow!  I am LOVING the Soldier's Son books - Shaman's Crossing is fantastic.  Can hardly put it down.


22nd February 2012: The triple-reversal spell over the weekend went really well - I am very pleased with the feedback from clients so far and will definitely offer triple workings in future. 


Other than that life is on a go slow at the moment because of an achilles injury (just a bruise but pretty bad) so I'm sort of resting up physically...which has meant plenty of time for the ritual work and also reading. 


I'm really into fantasy novels at the moment.  I'm just finishing the White Priestess Trilogy by Trudi Canavan.  Really loved it.  But Robin Hobb is my favourite fantasy writer I think.  And I had a look and at last they've put the books released pre-kindle out on kindle so I've just downloaded the Soldier's Son Trilogy to my kindle.  I love reading...but I do end up going through phases where I read book after book about psychotherapy or history and after a while I have to take a break consciously from the amount of information I'm putting in and fantasy novels are ideal.  It's times like that when I decide to watch a new anime series too....but I must admit I find reading much easier than watching things because I so often end up flicking through books while I'm meant to be watching and don't pay attention!  Or lately I watch a Shakespeare play and then spend ages contemplating it....not exactly taking a time out!  But I think we can safely say fantasy novels constitutes a time out!

18th February 2012: First night of the triple working reversal tonight!  Will begin at 9pm


17th February 2012: Loving country music at the moment!  Listening to lots of Rascal Flatts and The Wreckers (Michelle Branch). <3


16th February 2012: Things have been quite hectic between a number of short notice magickal workings and a photo shoot for Romantiqua (NPR) yesterday.  The Killing Moon spell is going extremely well and fitting in around other commitments to the extent I am certain the parameters I set of allowing 4 people to take the intensive working at any one time is a realistic level.  It's working out very well so far! X


I injured my heel again ballet...badly fitting pointe shoes with the drawstring bruised the back of my heel where the tendon joins I think...it meant every time I put my heel down my knee went out from under me and if I were less nimble I would have fallen!  I'm glad we've worked out what was causing it though because I thought I'd somehow given myself heel-strike...and I have had that from running before and it takes AGES to heal.  But this literally clears up to 'bearable' in a few days. So today I will be attending my usual zumba hour followed by a two hour ballet lesson. 


Oh...and the microwave's broken!  And I am LOVING  Lady Gaga's 'Born This  Way'.  It's taken a while but the album's really grown on me.  I'm quite addicted I think :D X


14th February 2012: Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope everyone has a great day.


10th February 2012: Spell working this evening so going to be a late one!


Spent a lot of time updating the Romantiqua Site with photos from the recent shoot.  Also making preparations for another shoot next week which should be fun!  Jane's working on more clothes for the line so I may model in different teastained sets of my own for this one again but the vintage lace sets may be ready in time which will be great. 


I've added some of my favourite poems to my blog site today too...I hope everyone's a Christina Rossetti fan! :D XXX


9th February 2012: Photo shoot went well yesterday and got some lovely Romantiqua images.  The Killing Moon Spell is proceeding very well though where nights of the Triple Love Spell working and other magickal work coincided with the photo shoot and the Killing Moon working I had to juggle my time a bit a...I definitely need to be a bit more organised with my diary and...allocating myself time to eat and sleep might be a good start! LOL


Work continues with the syllabus updates and review...the revised site should be ready to upload shortly and those on the mailing list will be kept advised of course! XX <3


And big ouch!  I injured my heel in ballet...I think it's just bruised...my bad for doing lessons in sub-zero temperatures without enough warm up gear on...we live and learn.



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