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Blog Archive April-May 2012


12th May 2012:  I've just sent an information email to Mayastar and Maya Magickal newsletter subscribers with information about attunements and in particular about the AAP system.  At this time of year I focus my meditation and self development work on these energies and Avalonian Light Beings.  I've had a wonderful evening's meditation and personal rune casting for insight into a personal situation.  It's been enlightening and very productive and I feel very inspired. X


Am listening to Krishna Das on my ipod at the moment.  It's fantastic...enjoy...




11th May 2012:  I've had a busy day/night.  All attunements sent and admin up to date.  The ipad seems to be working out well with streamling them administration side as sometimes emails would end up backing up for 2 days if I was really busy - especially on spell days and I really hate keeping people waiting.  This way had a few bugs in the beginning but seems to be working well now.


Apart from work my latest news is...I enjoyed an hour's zumba and 2 hours ballet tonight...I watched Giselle and ate mushroom soup and now I'm updating my blog while I listen to the Maha Lakshmi Mantra on my ipod and get relaxed for a good day's sleep.  Yes...I seem to be operating completely nocturnally now and actually even that seems to fit in better around my schedule for personal commitments, art, attunements and spells so all good :)


I'm currently working on a series of elaborate port de bras exercises I can use when modelling to emulate Pre-Raphaelite styles more effectively and fluidly.  I am not sure how well it will work...no date for the next shoot because of the weather but a couple of prospectively fantastic locations lined up and not only do I have the gorgeous jewel coloured silks from Lovechild Boudoir still hanging for the occasion, but I also have matching and contrasting Punk69 corsets and some amazing, heavy weight satin skirts by Allison at Fantasia Couture.  I love them so much.  I have a good collection for the Pre-Raphaelite Project I'm working on with Chuckie (Charles/Emotions in Vision who is my photographer)...it's going to take a long time to complete the project and definitely a challenge so at the moment much of my work is dedicated to perfecting the style and poses common to the genre in general shoots for Romantiqua/New Pre Raph promotional work as well as just artistic experimentation.  It will be a challenge to choreograph what will effectively be a kind of 'dance' for the poses and see if it that will help or hinder the work...it's a fine line of looking too posed (on pointe) and not posed enough (as paintings inevitably do look posed)...so how do you emulate someone who  is posed to look like they are not posing???  Hmmm.  I'll work it out I'm sure!



9th May 2012:  I have just set up the latest special offers for Mayastar followers and as a change thought I might use my blog to notify people of the details of the special offers! These are currently available (for a limited time - the special offers are updated fortnightly) exclusively to Mayastar Newsletter subscribers.  If you do not receive the newsletter and would like to in order to qualify for these special offers, please email me to request your copy at mayastar@mayastar.net


The offers for this period focus very much on the spiritual earth energies that you may be attuned to as an aid to spiritual development, self realisation work, ascension and enlightenment. At this time in particular these currents are very strong as we are in the Beltane season. At this time the earth energies are in an unsurpassed growth period and this positive flux continues up to the Summer Solstice towards the end of June. To ensure you are able to make the most of these energies while they are at their most potent I will try to tailor the courses offered with discounts to newsletter subscribers to be those that benefit most from this extra boost of positive energy.

I will continue working spells and offering those tied to the lunar cycle but at this time of growth and development, the solar energies are very particularly useful for growth spells and those that would be worked at the full moon: Good Fortune Drawing, Love, Prosperity, Healing and Psychic Development all benefit from these natural tides so although the spells are worked to a lunar time table it is a very auspicious time for any kind of working if you were planning on having any work done. Information about the different spells and packages available can be found at www.mayamagickal.net 

Avalonian Alignment Programme
The AAP consists of a series of empowerments to the energies of Light Beings directly linked to and working through the ancient and mystical area of Glastonbury in Somerset, England; also known as the Isle of Avalon. Channelled by Maya while on retreat at Glastonbury this course has been popular with those who have an interest in the mysteries of Glastonbury and Avalon as well as those with Celtic connections in particular.

At this sacred site the two main ley lines representing the feminine and masculine energies of the earth converge at the Tor creating a portal of tremendous magickal and spiritual energy and connection to other dimensions and other beings is particularly strong here. In recent times it has also been the focus of much UFO activity and many suppose an ancient Pleiadian connection to the site; in fact my work with the Pleiadians and Lemurian Light beings led on from the work with Avalonian Light Beings very seamlessly so my personal feeling on this link is that there is certainly cooperation and congruence between the purposes of these beings and of humanity as a whole. The Avalonians are very much involved in the development of human spirituality and ascension work and Glastonbury has drawn pilgrims and spiritual seekers for thousands of years (myself included!).

As a personal note, for anyone who is seeking spiritual development or working on the path to self realisation and ascension this course of energy attunements would be highly recommended; it is a very powerful programme and the effects of these attunements have far reaching implications spiritually for those who are serious about their development work.

No prerequisites. 12 attunements. 10 manuals by Rev. Anna May (Maya) plus “The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork” Companion Guides Compendium by Rev. Anna May. No prerequisites. The regular price for this course is £120 but for a limited it is available to you with a 20% discount for £96!

Magickal Lightwork Programme
(Note: I have selected this programme of attunements along with AAP detailed above as I feel the two complement each other extremely well)
This is a special program that teaches you the 12 Universal Laws, how to use them, and combines magick and lightwork! The Magickal Lightwork Programme can be life changing depending on if you apply the Universal Laws and work with them.

Learning to manifest your desires for the highest good can help you on your spiritual path to ascension, and also empowers you in the physical plane as well. Learning to connect and work with your Higher self, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, the Goddess, and your Guides helps keep you on track in this lifetime so that you can work toward completing your life's purpose on this Earth.

This system greatly empowers you so that you can manifest abundance, great relationships, success, harmony, and more, improving your life, and raising your vibration for spiritual ascension.

6 attunements, 7 course manuals plus “The Book of Inspiration: Vibrational Medicine, Spirituality & Lightwork” Companion Guides Compendium by Rev. Anna May. No prerequisites.

The regular price for these course is £60 but for a limited they are available to Mayastar Newsletter Subscribers for just £48!

Triple-Working Good-Fortune Drawing Spell
This can be used in combination with the Reversal of Ill-Fortune Spell to an enhanced effect. However, the Good Fortune Drawing spell can be used whenever you feel you need an injection of good fortune into your life or for a specific situation such as before a job interview or when you're undertaking a new venture such as a relationship, moving home or setting up a new business. This spell works to draw abundance, positive energies and influences to affect all areas of your life - finances, work, home life, general good luck and well being. It surrounds you with a lifted vibrational frequency and therefore draws positive forces to you in a general way in order that it may manifest these effects in all areas of your life and achieve a cumulative effect, creating powerful changes.
You may choose this spell:
If you are beginning a new phase in your life
Moving home
Starting a new business
Would like a boost of positive energy in your life
To draw abundance to you in all areas
To resolve a 'vacuum' after a negative situation has been dissolved in your life
To boost your confidence in a job interview

Spells for this offer will be worked during the Full Moon Good Fortune Drawing Spell will be the 3 days leading up to the full moon when the lunar energy is waxing and beginning on a Friday which is ruled by the planet Venus (which governs, love, prosperity, abundance, luck...and all things good!) and running for 3 consecutive nights: 1st, 2nd & 3rd June.

The regular price for this working is £144 but for a limited it is available to you with a 20% discount for £115! This reflects a DOUBLE DISCOUNT on the standard prices saving a total of £65! 



9th May 2012: It's been a busy 24 hours.  I did an hour of zumba, a pointe class and ballet (3 hours in all) last night and finished some spell work too.  I've been updating and backing up and on the computer for most of the night so I will send the morning attunements and then get some rest I think!  Well deserved I think :D


Tonight is newsletter night so anyone that hasn't taken advantage of the current offers but means to, they will expire when I do the admin work tonight and upload the amendments to Mayastar and the new special offers so you'd best be quick if you want to buy any of those offers!


Well...I'm very sleepy now...just time for me to put on some opium oil (my current favourite), dragon's blood incense (my other current favourite), put on some Deva Premal (Moola Mantra), take my vitamins and....relax! X

6th May 2012: Happy bank holiday everyone! I have updated the gallery with some images from the Bluebell Wood shoot.  The Lovechild Boudoir was provisionally re-scheduled for Monday but the weather doesn't look very promising so for now I think we'll keep it on a back burner and arrange shoots on an ad-hoc basis until the weather's more reliable. 


The special offers available at the moment will be ending in a few days so if you are interested in the Archangelic Links course, the Dolphin Heart Reiki or the double discounted triple Ill-Fortune Reversal magickal working, please don't miss out.  The discounts are available to newsletter subscribers only so if you don't currently receive the newsletter but would like to, please email me for a copy: mayastar@mayastar.net


5th May 2012: Much going on...shelves being installed in the living room and busy trying to sort out a new shoot between other work next week for the Lovechild Boudoir clothes that were disappointingly rained off at the Bluebell Woods shoot.  Weather is soooo soggy here that location shoots in pointe shoes are likely to be put off for better weather.  Will have to see how it goes I guess. 




Did an extra attunement session this afternoon so I'm a bit ahead of myself now and think it's time to have a bubble bath and chill out before tonight's attunement sending session and magickal work. 


I don't know if there's been a television programme on or something but suddenly I seem to have had a lot of people buying Usui Reiki - this isn't strange in itself as it is one of the most popular courses I teach (and one of the most detailed I have written that I haven't originated myself) - but it is unusual for so many in one go.  I wonder if people are feeling drawn to Reiki as we approach the solstice as it is a wonderful system for healing others, self healing and spiritual development.  It is wonderful to be teaching so many modalities and in particular this year as we move closer and closer to the planetary ascension :) XX


30th April 2012: Had a good day sorting out some of the email templates on the notepad to help with streamlining admin work.  All attunements went well but it's been a very quiet day all in all.  I'm about to have luxury bubble bath before a magickal working...then I think I will read some more Robin Hobb in bed before it's time to do the Killing Moon working and get some such eye!


Also I'm breaking in a new pair of ballet shoes at the moment...they are Grishkos (I usually wear Bloch).  They look really good and they feel really good but I can't get used to the tapered platform.  Can't wait to get into the studio tomorrow and get some rosin in them and put myself through my paces! LOL


The clothing for the Pre-Raph shoot on Wednesday at Bluebell Woods are all set out and ready to go...I'll be wearing a long pink satin skirt with the Company of Wolves Bustle by Lovechild Boudoir and one of Punk69's brilliant bespoke corsets.  This is for the main Pre-Raph work we are doing that day and after that I will be wearing other sets by LCB and other Punk69 corsets that contrast with them in some darker colours because it's meant to be quite an overcast day...and some of the backdrops have a very oppressive 'vibe' and I think would create some very dramatic images.  An excellent site to practice the poses for the Pre-Raph Project though!!  So it should be quite exciting and I'm making sure everything is organised beforehand so providing it doesn't rain, everything's sorted! X


(Still v addicted to Lana Del Rey's album...have sorted a playlist for ballet bootcamp so me and Lolly should have some good tunes for dancing to...a mix of Lady Gaga's latest and Lana Del Rey...fantastic!)


29th April 2012: Have had a hectic few days.  Went for a pointe shoe fitting in London with my friend Lolly and we're doing a lot more pointe work in class together now too.  Lately we have been dancing a lot to Echo & the Bunnymen and Lana Del Rey!


I've been pining for my wolf-man a bit.  Seems ages since I saw him and I look forward to visiting him soon (unless he comes here first of course)...he's always so busy at the moment I think I hate his job more than he does! LOL.  Anyway, I'm dying to see him...think it's why I'm listening to so much Fiona Apple and Lana Del Rey at the moment!  He is great...too great for his own good I think because he is conspicuous by his absence...so I'm in a whinging mood tonight I guess.


Photoshoot for Wednesday is looking questionable...is weather dependent...and also I've just found some of the clothes I intended to model have been made with the wrong length ribbons and need to be fixed.  A real pain because you count on designers to have sent the right items.  I had everything prepared and my corsets from Punk69 arrived on time and satin petticoats from Allison too...but now things are being thrown off because those things I intended to model need fixing first.


I think I may wear some bespoke silk bustles I had made by Lovechild Boudoir a while back.  So I guess tomorrow will be spent doing my normal work but then also sorting out the clothes for the shoot for me and Lolly.  It looks like a great location and I really don't want to waste the opportunity - bluebell woods...so let's hope it doesn't rain!!


Some fun pix of me and Lolly at the studio last week! X



25th April 2012: I came to a difficult decision yesterday...because I want to pursue New Pre-Raphaelite genre modelling and develop Romantiqua Couture and the New Pre-Raphaelite Philosophy more effectively, I have decided I need to move away from some modelling contract work I have done because I don't want to compromise my artistic integrity by neglecting the part of the work I am passionate about.


So I will work with a number of  exciting, creative and innovative designers that share the same ideal of fashion as another form of artistic expression and work passionately within the Romantiqua Philosophy and that would definitely enhance the artistic quality of the genre.  Fashion modelling per se - even subculture fashion modelling isn't what I do that work for; it's to inspire and promote artists using any medium including clothing as a form of art and soul expression.  Otherwise, what's the point?  I may as well be shopping in the High Street and modelling mainstream fashion. I guess I'm much more for the passion than the fashion huh?? I suppose I never aspired to be a mannequin...and unless you are working with a designer with the same vision as you, there is little point...because sooner or later it will involve compromise and I'm not so great at compromise! :D

If you are not already following the Romantiqua New-Pre Raphaelite Movement for creatives on facebook, please do:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Romantiqua-The-New-Pre-Raphaelites/415246281834910


23rd April 2012:  Had a long night catching up with admin work tonight...but lots of Lana Del Rey to keep me company.  My day's not over yet...need to teastain some skirts and have a bath before bed!


I've ordered some more satin petticoats from Allison (wonderful seamstress).  I am hoping to be able to wear them in upcoming shoots but things have had to be rescheduled a little as it seems unlikely my corset order will arrive in time for the next shoot.  I intend to model Punk69's corsets exclusively but for the next shoot I can't guarantee I'll be able to so may have to sort something out...this is a shame as the shoot is time sensitive as it will be taken in bluebell woods.  Anyway, I have my pink satin petticoats to teastain ready for it and a pink parasol too which will contrast very nicely with the blue flowers.  And I've ordered some more from Alison for upcoming New Pre-Raphaelite shoots too :D  They are sooooo fantastic!


Well...I'd better sort out the pettitcoats and keep my fingers crossed on the arrival of the corsets!! :D


Magickal workings have been going extremely well since the working of the Killing Moon spell at the end of the last year - the last few days I've had more excellent results and feedback from clients too.  I was intending to work the Killing Moon for myself twice a year but I may make it a quarterly working as it is so effective that in the long run I believe it means use of the Reversal Spell is less frequent and the result of other workings like the Good fortune or Prosperity working are that much more intense, faster and longer lasting too.  Very pleased with the results of this working!


20th April 2012:  In response to a recent inquiry on the Circle of Healers group about whether healing could be sent to a house that had a negative vibration, I responded with regard to what I would recommend in such a circumstance and thought I would share the answer as this is a common question I receive from Maya Magickal clients too!


"The problem with using a public forum for that kind of thing is you would be publishing your address! It is possible to 'heal' a house but this is usually done using magick; a reversal spell can be adapted to cleanse the karmic bonds attached to places and objects as well as to people so this is what I would recommend most strongly in this situation; a reversal spell.often followed up two weeks later with a good fortune spell to fill the property with good energy vibrations. If the atmosphere is oppressive and you feel it is having an impact on your energy, the reversal/protection combination spell is excellent for this. I have had a number of clients use this method to cleanse properties - it works in a similar way to an exorcism in fact by removing any negative energy resulting from karmic imbalance from the environment. All feedback I've received from clients using this have reported excellent results - even in cases of actual manifest hauntings so it can really help.

Additionally I would mention, the same process can be used to cleanse work environments, new properties, cars after accidents or when they are new as a precaution - as well as your own energy field this combination of reversing negative energy and then invoking positive energies with the good fortune spell/healing spell work wonders in combination. So that would be my advice rather than a simple healing, going by what I would do myself, I would use magick and not healing in this circumstance so I can only really advise you as I would deal with the situation were I in your shoes kind of thing XX"


If you would like more information about the magickal workings available, please visit www.mayamagickal.net





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