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Blog Archive October 2012


31st October 2012: I've been very busy in the build up to the Full Moon; I am running a double Killing Moon working for October now and already have bookings for the November placements...so if you are keen to be part of the next working,  please buy as soon as possible...I won't be able to offer additional spaces for people next month so it will be limited to 4 people.


I've gone through the images from the Green Fairy Shoots with Maniac and Aurora...and we selected the ones we all felt were best...and then we all had a go with the overt colour saturation effect that Aurora was experimenting with.  I'm pleased with the results.  But I think we'll all be playing with the images for a while...the weather's been too bad for location shoots and I'm trying not to think about it as I had a lot of plans for autumn ones...still...we'll see how it goes.  And I'll have tons of great designs to model for Ophelia's Folly too!  So watch this space.  The latest photos are uploaded onto my facebook page www.facebook.com/annalouisemay.muse <3


I've just completed a dowsing reading and the administration work...and running the latest website updates so am about to have a well earned bubble bath! :D



22nd October 2012: A busy weekend of ritual and magickal work...very enjoyable :) 


And I've set up an album for Jocelyn Wood's Ecstasy of a Cripple project on NPR Facebook...please check it out... http://www.facebook.com/newpreraph


In other news...not very much really.  Some incredible silks to model for Ophelia's Folly...we're just waiting on the corsets and the weather at the moment but once everything comes together I'm going to have some catching up to do.  Maniac is very keen to do more Pre-Raph style work and with the autumnal backdrops and ever changing scenery, our favourite location at the ancient oak is looking like a good spot...but he's cased the joint and said the ground is way too wet still.  I will need to find a way around this.  Pointe shoes won't hold up in mud...I can shellac them to make them water resistant but really what would be idea would be something that was flexible that could be used on the shoes that didn't destroy the shoes in application or discolour them...I shall consult with the Wolf Man...he usually knows stuff like this...actually even my dad does.  Usually this wouldn't come up...usually we don't have rain so frequently that the ground hasn't been dry since March...it's an anomaly but it's really put a crimp on some of the ideas we've had.  But in a way that's good because it's forcing us to come up with ways around it.


I've been working with Aurora on some of the images and messing about with colour saturation myself like she had on some images and created some real 'fantasy' images.  Definitely along the lines of what we intended to create initially and I can't wait to see how it works with the autumnal backdrops and some of the new silks too...but I will be patient and wait for the leaves to turn a little, the ground to dry out a little (or a way to waterproof my shoes...waterproofed enough that I'll be able to wash the mud off too!) and the full Ophelia's Folly sets to come together...at the very least when the ground is frozen solid it's suitable for pointe...but I don't want to miss the autumn backdrops...got to find a way! :D X 


Sharing a personal fave...Closing Time by Leonard Cohen...a real artist :) <3





17th October 2012: Have just finished the latest updated to the Mayastar site and sent out the latest newsletter.  I have some spell/ritual work to complete later tonight so in all it's been a LONG day. 


Did some long attunement prep session yesterday and this morning.  Then I went into town with my dad to have a Starbuck's lunch and top up my Chanel No. 5 supply :) So I'm feeling pretty good and pretty organised right now.  And all in good time for a bath before magickal work begins too!  Fantastic day!


I had a great email from a great artist too - Jocelyn Woods - Ecstasy of a Cripple - I am honoured to be promoting her through NPR www.facebook.com/newpreraph - her work is amazing...truly original and thoroughly inspirational.  Please do take the time to check it out! X


I have ballet tomorrow and I've totally bashed my toe in from the last one...not sure if it will hold me back or not (often these kind of minor injuries are not injuries when you actually start dancing...I won't really know until I get up en pointe!).  But in all ballet's going fantastically well.  Doing new centre steps...assemble turns and pique pas de bouree (stepping onto one pointe shoe...now I have more strength and my centre of balance is constantly impoving...making fast progress as can be attested by Maniac who came to watch me dance the other day!) :D


Weather precluding modelling but really I've been too busy the past week to be able to consider doing any additional work.  The Mayastar special offer for spell packages is very popular and so I've got a lot of evenings booked up at the moment.


And news from Mama Jane...the next batch of silk corsets is due in any time...so I'm kind of holding off a bit as the sets I model for Ophelia's Folly are intended to having corsets that match the bustles and shrugs...so if I model them now, I will want to model them again when I have the complete set.  It will create a very 'dressed' look...I think very Classical Lolita Harajuku style...but in the best quality fabrics...really fantastic...very Pre-Raph! :D


I'd better go and get myself organised...before the night runs away with itself! LOL X  





10th October 2012: It's been a busy week...bitty bits of work on top a a LOT of ritual and magick.  And some personal magickal study too.


I've enlisted help obtaining some props for outdoor shoots in my garden as conditions out and about in nature where I want to do shoots are soooo bad and I honestly can't imagine they will miraculously recover.  My garden's pretty wild...lots of ivy and trees and some areas that would make great back drops and so I will hopefully arrange a shoot with Maniac soon to catch up with some of the Ophelia's Folly sets...but having said that, the best area of the garden by the ivy is pretty sodden right now.  I am sure it can't continue this way (this reminds me ever so much of the problems for shoots during spring and summer! LOL).  Anyway...got some handy props and it should work out nicely...and though it doesn't involve trekking through the countryside to get there, conditions need to improve a bit still!


Other than that have been jamming with dad and Plotlanders and working on a couple of songs...I'm not sure if we'll do anything with them but definitely sounding good and definitely worthy of a samhaim bonfire party (I do like to celebrate the winter festivals!). 


And I've been reading shed loads of Game of Thrones in order to get to the place where I can start watching it.  I'm watching it with my brother because I can't wait for Wolfie...but I never mind watching good stuff twice and by all accounts it's good! 


I've just done the admin work for Mayastar and updated the special offer too so I'm feeling pretty well satisfied with a job well done.  You may notice my sleep is back to front...yes...that's what happens on weeks where I have a lot of spells!  I can do a number of rituals over night and it is easier now to work attunement sessions and spells in a manageable way...but some workings - especially the shamanic dance rituals for Nataraj and Laxshmi are really energising and I ended up awake well past my morning bedtime...then ended up jamming with dad in his hippie bus (we're all bohos here! LOL) and before you know it I was back to front.  But luckily it doesn't matter so much when I sleep...my ballet teacher is really great and I can arrange lessons night or day...and attunement sessions can be done at any time.  In fact spells can...it's only personal preference that means I don't begin magickal workings until after 9pm as a rule.


So I feel a bit topsy turvy...no doubt my sleep will be flipped back to normal nocturnal once I've watched Game of Thrones back to back with my brother...in fact...I think that's what I'll go and do right now! :D XXX 


3rd October 2012:  I've been doing some dowsing profiles and rune readings this evening and sending out the newsletter reminder for the offers that are expiring in a week...and I've updated the pictures on my blog and my facebook pages too...so they have the website address on.


All in all a productive evening...and good news...AT LAST the Novas have arrived from Russia.  They are soooo gorgeous.  They do seem wider at the demi pointe than the 2007s...but the wings are definitely higher so it's impossible to know if they will wear in better for my foot shape or whether they will just wear out quicker.  I have very bony feed and a shoe has to be very tight around the bunion joint (demi pointe) area so that when you go up, most of your weight is held by the widest part of your foot and the shank of a point shoe is reinforced to support the arch and prevent too much downward motion smashing your toes in at the end of the shoe!  But as a shoe breaks in, the demi pointe area gets more flexible and may feel wider.  The high wings on the Nova mean that the demi pointe is kind of 'reinforced' in a way the 2007 isn't.  But the Nova is made with latex glue and the box is less hard over all...which means it may be more susceptible to stretching in other ways.  The only way to find out is to try it.


I still have two black toe nails (luckily they didn't fall off...yet) from my first pair of Novas which were recommended in a hard shank...and that meant they didn't support the arch of my foot well enough and the movement was to much 'downwards'.


The thing is the demi pointe area of my foot is the widest...but because of how bony I am, the bunion joint below the little toe is really prominent when fully extended...on the flat it is not noticeable, only when you go en pointe does it really show.  Then if the box of the shoe is too wide, my foot slips down.  If the box is too narrow, it digs into the underside of the joint and would cut or displace it.  So me and my ballet teacher decided to opt for a medium width and I've made cut of gel inserts that allow me to 'pad' that bony part without losing contact with the floor too much.  It's a lot of messing about to get the shoes on because under the shoes are carefully layered bits of gel.  And too much gel we found made the shoe unstable...too little was too painful for the joint...so the xxx in the 2007 seemed right.  It follows that the same should be true of the Nova as it's built on the same last...with the differences being the latex glue, the box that is more graduated and no internal ridge, a less tapered box slightly with a wider platform and a more U shaped vamp (this is only interesting if you're a bunhead like me!). 


So now my sites are all up to date and I'm about to have a bath and then set up the Novas ready for my next class.  I hope they will work out perfectly.


Other good news!  More innovative designs coming through from OF.  Had a great chat with Mama Jane (Jane Arden) yesterday morning about some of them and am excited.  There will be a lot of new silk and lace coming through over the next year...and I mean A LOT.  Really high end couture that would be loved by goths, lolitas, steampunks...and me! :D  It's soooooo suited to the Romantiqua Couture genre that Ophelia's Folly is the only boutique and Jane the only designer I would consider myself affiliated with.


She is even going to help me with some adjustments...I have a lot of upcycled bespoke designs that I employed seamstresses to make for me personally to my specifications...but they no longer reflect the quality of the rest...unfortunately, some fall down one the quality of the workmanship in places, others fall down on the quality of the materials in places...it's the attention to detail thing.  But nothing that I can't put right and the Romantiqua Couture collection will be complete and complemented extremely well by my Ophelia's Folly wardrobe (I get to keep what I model...and since it is just the kind of thing I would choose to buy...it is a wonderful way to work.  I am totally in love with Ophelia's Folly)...please check it out on www.etsy.com/shop/opheliasfolly and add OF on facebook too - http://www.facebook.com/opheliasfolly  All of Jane's work is individual and bespoke but her decorated corsets are phenomenal.  And I have it on good authority a shipment of corsets made to her design and using her specific silk fabrics...totally unique to OF...is coming up soon.  Watch this space! <3


As soon as the weather brightens up (touch wood) I will begin modelling some of the new designs! <3


2nd October 2012: A busy weekend of attunements...and a slight feeling of bewilderment you have when...it's October and summer still hasn't come...Ah well.  I am sure it means next year we'll have a long dry gnat free summer and I'll get some great shoots in for Ophelia's Folly.


Anyway, the new Snow White DVD came today...so bubble bath time and then a DVD before bed.  I did the attunement work last night so I'm having a bit of a chill out <3 X



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